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  • Swallows Unveil Throwback Atoms Uniforms

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 April 2日 Wednesday

    31 March 2008

    Masanori Ishikawa is delighted with the throwback uniforms too! Check them out at Jingu Stadium during Golden Week!
    On 31 March, at the Jingu indoor training facility, the Tokyo Yakult Swallows unveiled the throwback uniforms the team will wear during the “Might is back! ‘Yakult Atoms Revival Series’” starting on 3 May.


    Director Michio Oda from the Yakult club and president Takayuki Matsutani from Tezuka Productions were present at the press conference. Oda mentioned that “this is part of our “rebirth of Yakult” promotions, one way to start something new. We hope the fans enjoy this,” then Matsutani said that “this is the 80th anniversary of birth of Osamu Tezuka. We hope that this will aid in increasing public interest in the team and that more fans will come to the games, so we were very happy when the club asked us to collaborate on this.”

    Following the press conference, pitcher Masanori Ishikawa, as a player representative, came into the room wearing the throwback uniform, and he was accompanied by the Swallows mascot Tsubakuro and Astro Boy (Mighty Atom) both in the same uniform. About wearing the Atoms, previous incarnation of the Swallows, uniform, Ishikawa said, “I see that Astroboy is on my left sleeve, it’s a colour I’ve never worn before, and I think it looks cool, and it feels good to wear it. Tanaka, Kato, and Masubuchi all thought it looked cool back in the clubhouse too (laughs). I want to wear this in a game soon. Astroboy has a very powerful image. It feels like we can “go for it!” together with this uniform. I will try my best with (Astroboy’s) million horsepower strength!”

    During the “Yakult Atoms Revival Series”, besides the uniforms, there will be other Yakult Atoms limited edition memorabilia on sale, and special tickets for the games, there will be many other events at the stadium for the fans, including the auction of game worn uniforms for charity. We look forward to seeing you at the stadium!


    See the Astroboy logo on the left sleeve! The ballcap says “Ya” and not “Ys” as usual. We hope the fans are looking forward to this uniform as well!

    (Edit: The Tokyo Yakult Swallows played as the Yakult Atoms in 1970-73, the team was known simply as the Atoms in 69 and the Sankei Atoms in 67-68 before being purchased by the Yakult company.)

    Original press release (Japanese):

    石川投手もお気に入り! 期間限定アトムズユニフォームがお披露目!!


    復刻ユニフォームに石川投手もご満悦! ゴールデンウィークは神宮に!!

    31日、神宮室内練習場で、5月3日(土)から実施される『鉄腕再び!「ヤクルトアトムズ復活シリーズ」』において着用されるヤクルトアトムズ時代の復刻版ユニフォームのお披露目会見が行われました。会 見には、ヤクルト球団から小田実知男取締役部長と、株式会社手塚プロダクションの松谷孝征代表取締役社長が出席。小田部長は「『新生ヤクルト』をアピール し、いろんなことをはじめるということの一つ。ファンに喜んでもらいたい」と話すと、松谷社長も「今年が手塚治虫の生誕80年。(今回をきっかけに)お客 様も球場に足を運んで喜んでもらえたらと思い、喜んでお受けしました」と話していました。記者会見が終了後は、選手を代表して石川雅規投 手と球団マスコットのつば九郎、そして鉄腕アトムが登場しユニフォームを披露。スワローズの前身・アトムズのビジター用ユニフォームを石川投手は「(左袖 に)アトムも付いてるし、着たことのない色で、ボク自身もすごくカッコいいと思うし、着ごこちもいい。クラブハウスで田中浩や加藤、増渕たちにも『カッコ いい』と言われました(笑)。早く(試合で)着てみたいです。アトムはすごく強いイメージ。ユニフォームに一緒で『イケるぞ!』という気持ちです。(アト ムの)100万馬力の力で頑張ります! 応援よろしくお願いします!!」と笑顔で話していました。

    なお、この「ヤクルトアトムズ復活シ リーズ」では、ユニフォーム着用以外にもヤクルトアトムズオリジナル限定グッズやスペシャル企画チケットの発売、更にシリーズを盛り上げる数々の球場イベ ントの実施や着用済ユニフォームをオークションに出展し、チャリティー活動にも参加します。ファンの皆さん、お楽しみに!!

    左袖には飛ぶアトムのマーク! キャップのマークも「Ys」ならぬ「Ya」!! ファンの皆さんもこのユニフォーム、ご期待ください!!

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