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    Aiko Uemura married!

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 14日 Sunday

    Japanese moguls queen Aiko Uemura has tied the knot with alpine skiier Kentaro Minagawa! Good luck on the marriage and Vancouver 2010!



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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 10日 Wednesday




    2007 David Price Vanderbilt 11-1 18 133.1 31 194 2.63 

    2004 Jered Weaver LB St. 15-1 19 144 21 213 1.62 

    2001 Mark Prior USC 15-1 20 138.2 18 202 1.69 

    1996 Kris Benson Clemson 14-2 19 156 27 204 2.02 

    1989 Ben McDonald LSU 14-4 26 152.1 n/a 202 3.49 

    1986 Mike Loynd Fla. St. 20-3 25 164.2 48 223 2.45 

    1985 Greg Swindell Texas 19-2 26 172 n/a 204 1.67 

    1979 Derek Tatsuno Hawaii 20-1 22 174.1 n/a 234 1.86 

    1976 Floyd Bannister Ariz. St. 19-2 25 186 66 213 1.45 

    1975 Floyd Bannister Ariz. St. 15-4 21 157.1 42 217 1.66 

    1973 Eddie Bane Ariz. St. 15-1 18 140 46 192 1.93 

    1972 Eddie Bane Ariz. St. 14-1 20 144.2 42 213 0.99 

    1971 Burt Hooton Texas 11-1 n/a 97.1 24 153 1.11 

    1966 Steve Arlin Ohio St. 11-1 n/a 104.1 n/a 129 1.72 

    1965 Steve Arlin Ohio St. 13-2 n/a 141.1 n/a 165 2.48 

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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 9日 Tuesday

    自分も最近使い始めたTwitter (とTumblr)だけど、こんな研究がされてました。

    After examining some 300,000 Twitter accounts, a Harvard Business School professor reported last week that 10 percent of the service’s users account for more than 90 percent of tweets. The study dovetails with recent analysis by the media research firm Nielsen asserting that 60 percent of Twitter users do not return from one month to the next. Both findings suggest that, thus far, Twitter has been considerably better at signing up users than keeping them.

    ハーバード・ビジネス・スクールの教授によるTwitter 30万アカウント分の研究によると、1割のつぶやきユーザがコンテンツの9割を作成しているそうです。これは80:20の法則とかあるから、それほど驚く事ではないかな。で、ニールセン社の研究によると6割のユーザが次の月には、もうつぶやいてないそうです。まあ、他の無料ウェブサービスと比べるとどういう感じなのかは分からないけど。

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    Serious Seibu Scrimmage

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 8日 Monday

    The former members of the now defunct Seibu Prince Rabbits (formerly Kokudo and Seibu Railway ice hockey teams) will face off in an apparently all out scrimmage as a final farewell to Higashifushimi, Tokyo, the teams’ long time home ice. 

    Date: Tuesday 9 June 2009

    Time: 10:00 – 11:30

    Where: Dydo Drinco Ice Arena, Higashifushimi, Tokyo

    Admission: Free

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    Asia League player movement

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 7日 Sunday

    A few of the former Seibu Prince Rabbits players have found new homes this offseason after the team was shut down by its parent company Seibu Holdings. All these players so far are national team players.

    Yosuke Kon, Sho Sato (both forwards) to Oji Eagles, joining former Seibu/Kokudo player Kei Tonosaki on the team.

    Daisuke Obara (forward) to Nippon Paper Cranes, he’ll wear #76 with the Cranes, joining former Seibu/Kokudo forward Chris Yule on the team.

    In addition, productive Nikko Ice Bucks defenceman Takyuki Ono (one of the three on the team to notch over 1o points last season) has signed with Korean powerhouse Anyang Halla (Japanese, Korean, and Chinese players do not count as imports in the Asia League).

    The word is still out on the rest of the Rabbits squad (about half are expected to take up regular jobs within the Seibu Group), and of a possible new club team being founded at Higashifushimi, the former home of the Seibu/Kokudo teams, the chances are slim to nil as there is clear lack of a big time financial backer. And there’s still no word yet on how the new entrant in the league, Tohoku Free Blades, are doing to bolster their currently barebones lineup in preparation for their inaugural Asia League season in 2009-10.

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    Japanese baseball SI Vault

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 7日 Sunday

    More for my archival purposes than anything, the link to all Japanese baseball related Sports Illustrated articles going back to the 50’s! You can read how Japanese baseball itself and how it is viewed by Americans have gradually and significantly changed over the decades. (via Japanesebaseball.com)

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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 6日 Saturday


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    Guiel’s ceremonial at bat

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 6日 Saturday

    Today, and of course he gets hit by the ceremonial first pitch, very Aaron  😛  He got hit by FC Tokyo striker Sota Hirayama, the Swallows and FC Tokyo have a working agreement.


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    Tokyo Shosha Tournament

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 5日 Friday

    A free admission amateur hockey tournament will take place at the Dydo Drinco Higashifushimi this month.

    The participating teams are sogo-shosha (general trading corporations) in Tokyo. All teams belong in the top division (Super League) of Tokyo hockey, so the level of play should be reasonably high.

    The tournament has been going on for 30 years, and this intra-industry rivalry should be exciting.


     Game 1: 14:00-15:20 Itochu v Marubeni (officials: Mitsui) 
     Game 2: 15:35-16:55 Mitsui v Mitsubishi (Marubeni) 
     Game 1: 13:45-15:05 Itochu v Mitsubishi (Marubeni) 
     Game 2: 15:20-16:40 Mitsui v Marubeni (Itochu) 
     Game 1: 13:45-15:05 Itochu v Mitsui  (Mitsubishi) 
     Game 2: 15:20-16:40 Mitsubishi v Marubeni (Mitsui) 

    Free hockey for those in Tokyo!!

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    Kiribuchi family on NHK BS

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 4日 Thursday

    The hockey playing Kiribuchi family in the Czech Republic will be on NHK BS program 地球アゴラ(Chikyu-Agora, Earth Agora) this Sunday 7 June at around 4pm. It’s the Agora 10th anniversary special, so they are going to be airing Agora for 10 straight hours on the public satellite channel. Women’s national team backup and NCAA Division I goalie Eri Kiribuchi should be making an appearance as well (chances are good that Eri will be moving to another school because the goalie ahead of her at Bemidji State is a stellar Slovak).

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