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    Unofficial translations of JIHF and Asia League Ice Hockey press releases

    Swallows Unveil Throwback Atoms Uniforms

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 April 2日 Wednesday

    31 March 2008

    Masanori Ishikawa is delighted with the throwback uniforms too! Check them out at Jingu Stadium during Golden Week!
    On 31 March, at the Jingu indoor training facility, the Tokyo Yakult Swallows unveiled the throwback uniforms the team will wear during the “Might is back! ‘Yakult Atoms Revival Series’” starting on 3 May.


    Director Michio Oda from the Yakult club and president Takayuki Matsutani from Tezuka Productions were present at the press conference. Oda mentioned that “this is part of our “rebirth of Yakult” promotions, one way to start something new. We hope the fans enjoy this,” then Matsutani said that “this is the 80th anniversary of birth of Osamu Tezuka. We hope that this will aid in increasing public interest in the team and that more fans will come to the games, so we were very happy when the club asked us to collaborate on this.”

    Following the press conference, pitcher Masanori Ishikawa, as a player representative, came into the room wearing the throwback uniform, and he was accompanied by the Swallows mascot Tsubakuro and Astro Boy (Mighty Atom) both in the same uniform. About wearing the Atoms, previous incarnation of the Swallows, uniform, Ishikawa said, “I see that Astroboy is on my left sleeve, it’s a colour I’ve never worn before, and I think it looks cool, and it feels good to wear it. Tanaka, Kato, and Masubuchi all thought it looked cool back in the clubhouse too (laughs). I want to wear this in a game soon. Astroboy has a very powerful image. It feels like we can “go for it!” together with this uniform. I will try my best with (Astroboy’s) million horsepower strength!”

    During the “Yakult Atoms Revival Series”, besides the uniforms, there will be other Yakult Atoms limited edition memorabilia on sale, and special tickets for the games, there will be many other events at the stadium for the fans, including the auction of game worn uniforms for charity. We look forward to seeing you at the stadium!


    See the Astroboy logo on the left sleeve! The ballcap says “Ya” and not “Ys” as usual. We hope the fans are looking forward to this uniform as well!

    (Edit: The Tokyo Yakult Swallows played as the Yakult Atoms in 1970-73, the team was known simply as the Atoms in 69 and the Sankei Atoms in 67-68 before being purchased by the Yakult company.)

    Original press release (Japanese):

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    Fukudome and the machine translation

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 April 2日 Wednesday

    Cubs biggest acquisition of the off season, Kosuke Fukudome, had a near-perfect MLB debut opening day at Wrigley Field, getting a double, a single, a walk, and the game tying homerun in the bottom of the 9th. But this being the Cubs, they lost game in extra innings.


    In a funny case of mistranslation, it seems like someone had been handing out bilingual “IT’S GONNA HAPPEN” hand held signs to Cubs fans as part of opening day promotions (this is the 100th season since their last World Series win for the Lovable Losers, and they have a pretty good team). But the actual Japanese printed on the signs “偶然だぞ” actually means “You Were Lucky”.

    So, it’s almost ironic that Fukudome had a great night while the home fans were unintentionally telling their newest import that he was just lucky. Hahaha, machine translations. That’s why us translators will still have work for the foreseeable future.

    Google Tranlsate gives “偶然だぞ” for “It’s gonna happen” and I guess that’s what the person used without checking it first with any number of Japanese speakers in Chicago. It’s on par with various Engrish found around Asia and misused Chinese characters in the West. It’s at least kinda funny though.

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    Chunichi Ouendans banned

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 March 28日 Friday

    2 Chunichi Dragons ouendan (cheering squads) have been banned from all NPB stadiums. Here’s my transation of the news wire item:

    Police and all 12 NPB clubs ban 2 Chunichi Dragons cheer squads

    13:32, 27 March 2008

    In an effort to remove elements of organized crime and malicious ouendan (cheer squads) from NPB, the Pro Baseball Crime Elimination Committee have banned 2 unaffliated (private) ouendans of the Chunichi Dragons. The notification was received by the Dragons on 27 March, and the decision bans 26 members of one ouendan, and the other ouendan were not granted special (organized) cheering privileges for this season. It was found that the 2 groups in question have ties to organized crime.
    The group receiving the full ban are not allowed to enter any NPB stadium. The group that had its special cheering priviledge withheld can enter stadiums, but are not allowed to set up their organized cheering section in the stands.
    The Pro Baseball Crime Elimination Committee comprises of the 12 clubs of NPB and the National Police Agency among other organizations. The ouendan system has been on an approval basis since the 2006 season in an effort to eliminate criminal elements from the game.

    This is the dark underbelly of the baseball cheering squads in Japan, and the efforts made by NPB and the police should be applauded, even though some fans have complained about the lack of “oomph” in some clubs’ ouendans starting in 2006, but the diminished sound volume from the banning (oops, not granting cheering priviledges) of select ouendans will be good in the long run and the volume of the sound generated by the cheering squads will go back up to pre-2006 levels if there are enough dedicated supporters of the club.

    The troublesome ouendans have a history of grabbing up excessive number of outfield seats, being rude and malicious both verbally and physically to fellow and opposing fans, excessive public intoxication (though this is not a crime in Japan), along with their ties to organized crime gangs known as boryokudan.

    Hakuryukai (White Dragons Club) and Ryushinkai (Dragon Spirit Club) are the 2 ouendans in question, with the former being banned outright and the latter not getting its cheering priviledges granted.

    In response to this news, all Chunichi ouendans (there are way more than 2) will not lead any cheering, and definitely not with the usual drums and trumpets (though the Chiba Lotte Marines supporters use a soccer/football style cheering using mostly just their voice and hands, pretty amazing sight and sound in their unison). It will be interesting to see how the Dragons fans react to this as the Central League season opens tonight. They just might enjoy the MLB style natural reactions to the onfield actions (though there is way too much PA sound effect prodding in NA sports for my tastes…)

    Original Kyodo wire news item (in Japanese).

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    JIHF Press Release: Seibu wins 2008 All Japan Ice Hockey Championship

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 February 13日 Wednesday

    The 75th edition of the All Japan Ice Hockey Championship final tournament was held in Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan from 4 – 10 February, 2008.

    In the final, Seibu beat the Nippon Paper Cranes 5-3 to win its first All Japan Championship since 2004 when the team was still called Kokudo.

    Oji Paper won the bronze medal game 4-1 over the Nikko.


    Final standings:

    Gold: Seibu Prince Rabbits

    Silver: Nippon Paper Cranes

    Bronze: Oji Ice Hockey Club

    4th: HC Nikko IceBucks

    Tournament MVP: Obara Daisuke (Seibu Prince Rabbits)


    (The All Japan Championship is an open tournament, similar to the FA Cup, with regional qualifiers for club teams, university teams, and high school teams. Asia League teams, the elite teams in Japan by far, enter the tournament in the quarterfinals.)


    In the quarterfinals, AL teams won all their games, as expected, but Waseda University put up a valiant effort against the Cranes who have not been playing like a defending treble winner (2007 AL Regular Season, Playoffs, and All Japan Championships), Waseda only lost by 1 goal with the final score being 3-2 in favour of the Cranes. Other quarterfinal results were Nikko IceBucks 7 – 2 Toyo University, Oji Paper 10 – 0 Chuo University, Seibu Prince Rabbits 12 – 0 Toyota Centuries (Hokkaido club team).

    http://www.jihf.or.jp/jihf/data/schedule.php?id=127 (Tournament results in Japanese)

    Original article (Japanese):


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    Japanese National Teams News

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 February 2日 Saturday

    According to Japanese ice hockey commentator “Kataribe” Jiro-san (Japanese), JIHF has announced the national team selection schedule (information not on JIHF site yet) for the senior national teams that will be competing in this year’s IIHF World Championships. Japan will host the men’s Division I Group B tournament in Sapporo, Hokkaido at the Tsukisamu Arena.

    Preliminary selections of 40 players for the men’s team and 30 players for the women’s team will be announced on 9 February in Kushiro, Hokkaido.

    The men’s roster will be trimmed down to 30 players at the 1 March announcement. (Location TBA.)

    Men’s selection camp with the 30 players will be held starting on 31 March in Tomakomai, Hokkaido. 2 training matches will be scheduled (opponents TBD) and the final roster of 23 players will be announced in Sapporo on 12 April, the day before the start of the tournament.

    Dates and locations above are subject to change, and further details for the women’s team selection process was not announced.

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    JIHF press release: Surpass Kagawa threepeats in J Ice West

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 January 19日 Saturday

    The 2nd round of J Ice West competition was held at the Villa Sanuki Ice Arena in Miki-shi, Kida-gun, Kagawa-ken over 12 and 13 January.

    Surpass Kagawa, Fukuoka selects, Hyogo selects, and Hiroshima selects participated in this tournament, and western Japan powerhouse Surpass Kagawa dominated all of their games to easily win the J Ice West crown for the third straight season. (The competition structure is unusual in that the teams do not face each other equal number of times, in other words an unbalanced schedule. This probably results in final standings that may not be truly representative of team strengths.)


    J Ice West competition final scores (1st and 2nd rounds):

    2007.12.15 Surpass Kagawa 8 – 2 Hiroshima selects (Kobe Port Island Ice Arena)

    2007.12.15 Fukuoka selects 4 – 5 Hyogo selects (Kobe Port Island Ice Arena)

    2007.12.16 Hiroshima selects 0 – 5 Fukuoka selects (Kobe Port Island Ice Arena)

    2007.12.16 Surpass Kagawa 8 – 1 Hyogo selects (Kobe Port Island Ice Arena)

    2008.1.12 Surpass Kagawa 13 – 3 Hiroshima selects (Villa Sanuki Ice Arena)

    2008.1.12 Fukuoka selects 6 – 4 Hyogo selects (Villa Sanuki Ice Arena)

    2008.1.13 Hiroshima selects 6 – 3 Hyogo selects (Villa Sanuki Ice Arena)

    2008.1.13 Surpass Kagawa 10 – 1 Fukuoka selects (Villa Sanuki Ice Arena)

    Final Standings:

    1. Surpass Kagawa 4 – 0 (GF/GA 39/7)

    2. Fukuoka selects 2 – 2 (16/19)

    3. Hyogo selects 1 – 3 (13/24)

    4. Hiroshima selects 1 – 3 (11/29)

    Original JIHF press release (2008.1.13):


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    JIHF Press Release: Toyo University wins 80th Intercollegiate Games

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 January 17日 Thursday

    The ice hockey finals for the 80th Intercollegiate Ice Sports Games was held on 9 January at the Hakucho Arena in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, and Toyo University shut out Meiji University 4-0 behind Haga’s natural hat trick to repeat as champions.

    Toyo University 4 (2-0, 1-0, 1-0) 0 Meiji University

    • Scoring Summary

    05:22 Haga, Assists: Amano, Omachi
    10:57 Haga, Assists: Tsuchizuka, Sasaki
    37:42 Haga, Assists: Kokubo, Sakagami
    44:42 Kokubo, Assists: Sakagami, Haga

    Tournament MVP: Reo Amano (Toyo Univ.)
    Scoring leaders: Hidenao Kokubo (Toyo Univ.), Yuto Ebata (Meiji Univ.), Naoya Kubo (Waseda Univ.)
    Assist leader: Tomonori Sakagami (Toyo Univ.)
    Tournament All-Stars:
    F Hidenao Kokubo (Toyo), Tomonori Sakgami (Toyo), Takeya Kono (Meiji)
    D Yosuke Haga (Toyo), Masahiro Ebina (Toyo)
    G Yuta Narusawa (Toyo)

    [Bronze Medal Game]
    Waseda University 2 (0-1, 2-1, 0-1) 3 Chuo University

    • Scoring Summary

    13:32 Chuo: Asano, Assists: Abe, Seta
    22:45 Waseda: Kubo, Assists: Iwase
    24:11 Waseda: Kubo, Assists: Nakajima, Kuji
    35:05 Chuo: Tani, Assists: Takahashi, Imajo
    51:29 Chuo: Abe, Assists: Seta, Watanabe

    Original JIHF press release
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    AL Press Release: Oji promotional events at upcoming home games

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 January 11日 Friday

    Oji logo

    Oji Paper v High1

    15 January 2008 (Tue) and 16 January 2008 (Wed)

    Faceoff 18:30 at Tomakomai Hakucho Arena

    A medal presentation ceremony will take place prior to the game on the 15th as Oji players will give out medals to the Tomakomai Meirin Junior High School team, winners of the Oji Cup*.

    *Oji Cup is awarded to the Tomakomai junior high school hockey tournament champion.

    Oji Paper v Anyang Halla

    19 January 2008 (Sat) and 20 January 2008 (Sun)

    Faceoff 14:00 at Tomakomai Hakucho Arena

    A junior game between Oji Juniors and Halla Juniors will take place prior to the senior match.

    12 noon practice, 12:10 faceoff (3 periods of 15 minute running clock)

    MVP of the junior game will be awarded after the match.

    *Tickets for the senior Oji-Halla match will be necessary to attend the junior game.

    On site FM broadcast

    The now familiar live FM broadcast of the game will take place in the arena, as usual.

    Colour commentators will be former Oji players Yajima-san and Sugisawa-san.

    *Event details may change without prior notice.

    Original AL press release (10 January 2008):


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    JIHF Press Release: 80th Intercollegiate Games

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 January 7日 Monday

    The 80th Intercollegiate (Ice Sports) Games opened at Tomakomai, Hokkaido on 6 Jan 2008.

    The first day of ice hockey competition started with the following 3 games: Aichi Gakuin University v Sapporo Gakuin University, Doshisha University v Hokuriku University, and Fukuoka University v Tokai University.

    Can Toyo University defend their crown from last year.
    Kanto champions Waseda University is looking to end their 17 year drought.
    Ritsumeikan University, the Kansai champions, will be fighting tooth and nail.
    Look out for these and other great matchups.

    Related links (in Japanese):
    Ice hockey tournament bracket
    Intercollegiate Games Champions List

    Original JIHF press release:


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    JIHF Press Release Re: Mouth Guard Rules

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 January 2日 Wednesday

    2006-2010 Local Rules Additional Clause Addendum Re: Mouth Guard

    As of 1 Jan 2008, white, beige, and transparent mouth guards are unacceptable.

    – Mouth guards must be coloured and easily identifiable。Therefore white, beige, and transparent kinds cannot be used.
    – This rule is effective as of 1 January 2008.

    According to IIHF Rule Book section 227, players that meet certain conditions must wear mouth guards. However, there are no specifications for mouth guards as a piece of equipment. This rule has been implemented as a Japanese local rule in order to improve player safety and improve equipment identification on players and on ice when mouth guards get dropped onto the ice during game play. This is due to recent incidents during university games where fallen mouth guards caused Zambonis to malfunction.

    Original 2007/12/26 JIHF press release (Japanese):


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