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    Shuhei Kuji stats

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 July 11日 Saturday

    Born 27 April 1987, he’s 172cm and 67kg.


    28GP 31G+9A=40P and 10PIM in the latest 2008-09 college hockey season in the Kanto League division 1 (highest level of college hockey in Japan).

    Stats from 2007-08 are missing, but in 2006-07 he put up a very impressive 13GP 12+17=29 as a rookie freshman.

    He’s currently in his final year of university as a 4th year student and the 2009-10 season will be his last one with Waseda University.

    He also played in the latest world championships on the senior men’s team with a respectable 2+1=3P in 5GP despite not being used prominently (probably).

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    Shuhei Kuji at Islanders Prospects Camp

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 July 9日 Thursday

    Waseda University captain and Japanese national team player Shuhei Kuji has been invited to the New York Islanders Prospects Camp. This is a big deal, as players with NHL experience such as Josh Bailey and top draft picks like John Tavares (can’t get any more top prospect than this) will also be participating. No doubt this will provide valuable experience for Kuji to play against superior competition and hopefully make some strides in his game, and maybe even get drafted in the future (though the chances of this is very slim).


    Incidentally, Kuji was the only non-Toyo University player selected on to the 2009 Kanto University Championship All Star Team earlier in the year.


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    Bucks acquire 6 Seibu veterans

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 28日 Sunday

    The Nikko Ice Bucks of Asia League Ice Hockey has acquired six veterans from the now defunct Seibu Prince Rabbits. The new players include Japanese national team captain Takahito Suzuki, national team goalie Naoya Kikuchi, defencemen Kazuyoshi Yamaguchi, Tomohito Okubo, and Masahiro Kawamura, as well as forward Tomohiko Uchiyama.

    This basically gives the Bucks an entirely new and capable first set with a national team goalie and makes them instant playoff contenders instead of fighting to escape the cellar with the China Sharks. No word on what the new players will get paid but they are likely taking a significant pay cut as the Bucks operate at about 2-oku yen ($2m) budget while Seibu ran with about 5-oku ($5m).

    All the newcomers are 29 or older, so the Bucks will be looking for immediate results. Suzuki had received offers from other teams, but settled with the Bucks who are coached by his childhood friend and former Toyo University teammate Tadahiro Murai. Okubo and Yamaguchi had previous stints with the Bucks, four and six years ago, respectively. All but Okubo have national team experience, this instantly increases the number of national team players on the Bucks from zero to five.

    2008-09 regular season stats

    Suzuki 36GP, 16G+29A=45P (6th, 4th, and 4th in the league)

    Uchiyama 36, 7+8=15

    Okubo 36, 4+18=22 (expect this offensive defenceman to quarterback the powerplay)

    Yamaguchi 35, 1+2=3

    Kawamura 22, 4+9=13

    Kikuchi 32GP, 90.5 SV%, 2.85GAA

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    Go Tanaka to Germany

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 27日 Saturday

    Japanese national team and former Seibu Prince Rabbit forward Go Tanaka has signed a one year contract with ESV Kaufbeuren (his picture’s already on the team roster page), a team that apparently just got promoted to Bundesliga 2nd division. Since this is only one level removed from the DEL, an elite European league, Tanaka figures to be closer to elite level play than Yutaka Fukufuji who has just signed to play in the Netherlands. Look for both players to represent Japan in the IIHF World Championships next year though.


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    鈴木貴人選手がNews Zero に出演

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 27日 Saturday

    7/6(月)の日本テレビ系列のNews Zero (22:54~23:58) に元西武プリンスラビッツの鈴木貴人選手を追ったドキュメンタリ番組が放映されます。現役日本代表選手なのに、移籍先が決まってないんだよなぁ、もしかして東北フリーブレイズ?!


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    福藤選手のチャリティーイベント 6/21千葉

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 15日 Monday




    「1人が社会のためにできることは小さいが、まずははじめの一歩を踏みだそうよ」という彼の思いにちなんで「Take The First Step 」と名付けたこの組織は、アイスホッケーを通して世界の子どもたちを支援するために活動してまいります。 


    「FACE OFF 2009 ~自分にできる最初の第一歩~ in千葉」 


    ①JR総武線稲毛駅(西口)5番バス停 アクアリンクちば行き終点 約18分 
    ②JR京葉線稲毛海岸駅(南口)2番バス停 アクアリンクちば行き終点 約8分 

    ① 東京方面からご利用の方は東関東自動車道、湾岸習志野ICをご利用ください。 
    ② 市原・木更津方面からご利用の方は京葉道路穴川ICをご利用ください。 
    ③ 国道14号・同357号 
    *駐車場無料 合計440台 

    ① アイスホッケーのアジアリーグや海外リーグでプレーしている現役日本人選手OB選手数名と一般から公募して集まったプレーヤーとチャリティーホッケーゲームを開催する。 
    ② チャリティーホッケーゲーム実施会場にて募金活動を実施する。 









    【持ち物】アイスホッケー防具一式、黒色か白色のユニフォーム及び練習ジャー     ジ 

    Take The First Step事務局 
    TEL: 03-3400-8305【(有)アスリートバンク内】 

    ① 住所 ② 氏名 ③ 電話番号(自宅・携帯) ④ Eメールアドレス(パソコン・携帯) ⑤ 年齢 ⑥ 性別 ⑦ アイスホッケー歴(例:5年) ⑧ 所属チーム ⑨ ポジション 


    以下の選手たちが、「Take The First Step」の活動理念に賛同し参加を決定してくれました。 

    福藤 豊(フクフジ・ユタカ(:デスティル・トラッパーズ(オランダ) 
    白鳥 洋(シラトリ・ヒロシ):日光アイスバックス 
    池田 豊(イケダ・ユタカ):元日光アイスバックス 

    大久保 智仁(オオクボ・トモヒト):元西武プリンスラビッツ 
    山口 和良(ヤマグチ・カズヨシ):元西武プリンスラビッツ 
    尾野 貴之(オノ・タカユキ):アニャン・ハルラ(韓国) 
    萩原 優吾(ハギワラ・ユウゴ):日光アイスバックス 

    田中 豪(タナカ・ゴウ):元西武プリンスラビッツ 
    増子 秀司(マスコ・シュウジ):元西武プリンスラビッツ 
    佐藤 画(サトウ・カク):チャイナ・シャークス 
    佐藤 正和(サトウ・マサカズ):チャイナ・シャークス 
    小林 弘典(コバヤシ・ヒロノリ):日光アイスバックス 
    瀬高 哲雄(セタカ・テツオ):日光アイスバックス 
    衣笠 伸正(キヌガサ・ノブマサ):元日光アイスバックス 
    *上野 拓紀(ウエノ・ヒロキ):元西武プリンスラビッツ【早稲田大学出身】 
    *河合 卓真(カワイ・タクマ):元西武プリンスラビッツ 
    【ガティーノー・オリンピック(QMJHL カナダ)出身】 




    Take The First Step (テイク・ザ・ファースト・ステップ) 
    TEL: 03-3400-8305【(有)アスリートバンク内】

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    Tokyo Shosha Tournament

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 5日 Friday

    A free admission amateur hockey tournament will take place at the Dydo Drinco Higashifushimi this month.

    The participating teams are sogo-shosha (general trading corporations) in Tokyo. All teams belong in the top division (Super League) of Tokyo hockey, so the level of play should be reasonably high.

    The tournament has been going on for 30 years, and this intra-industry rivalry should be exciting.


     Game 1: 14:00-15:20 Itochu v Marubeni (officials: Mitsui) 
     Game 2: 15:35-16:55 Mitsui v Mitsubishi (Marubeni) 
     Game 1: 13:45-15:05 Itochu v Mitsubishi (Marubeni) 
     Game 2: 15:20-16:40 Mitsui v Marubeni (Itochu) 
     Game 1: 13:45-15:05 Itochu v Mitsui  (Mitsubishi) 
     Game 2: 15:20-16:40 Mitsubishi v Marubeni (Mitsui) 

    Free hockey for those in Tokyo!!

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    Kiribuchi family on NHK BS

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 4日 Thursday

    The hockey playing Kiribuchi family in the Czech Republic will be on NHK BS program 地球アゴラ(Chikyu-Agora, Earth Agora) this Sunday 7 June at around 4pm. It’s the Agora 10th anniversary special, so they are going to be airing Agora for 10 straight hours on the public satellite channel. Women’s national team backup and NCAA Division I goalie Eri Kiribuchi should be making an appearance as well (chances are good that Eri will be moving to another school because the goalie ahead of her at Bemidji State is a stellar Slovak).

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    Fukufuji to play in Holland

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 May 28日 Thursday

    26 year old goalie Yutaka Fukufuji has signed with Dutch club DESTIL Trappers of Tilburg. He hopes that this move will open doors for him to move around in Europe aiming for higher leagues in Germany, Italy, France, etc. Fukufuji and the Trappers’ new coach Mark Pederson were together with the Bakersfield Condors last season. Fukufuji did not receive an offer to re-sign with the team, but he did not make the reason clear in his blog. He considered returning to Japan, but he feared that once he gets back here, that he would never challenge himself again abroad.

    Despite the fact that he sunk when thrown into NHL waters prematurely when the LA Kings wanted to avoid having Jason LaBarbera claimed off waivers, Fukufuji did put up respectable numbers in the AHL when given the chance. But I guess he felt frustrated that he was not being given a chance to perform at a higher level in North America despite performing well on mediocre teams.

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    Fukufuji next season

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 May 24日 Sunday

    First ever Japanese NHL player and ECHL Bakersfield Condors goalie Yutaka Fukufuji has hinted on his blog that he’s looking outside America for a team to play next season. With his former Asia League team Kokudo/Seibu team folded, I’m not sure whether he means a return to Japan (the newly formed Tohoku Free Blades? Very unlikely), move to Europe (ECHL goalie would translate to second division in an elite nation?), or maybe he’s just yanking our chain and is looking into Canada 😛

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