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    Primarily for raw statistics

    Shuhei Kuji stats

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 July 11日 Saturday

    Born 27 April 1987, he’s 172cm and 67kg.


    28GP 31G+9A=40P and 10PIM in the latest 2008-09 college hockey season in the Kanto League division 1 (highest level of college hockey in Japan).

    Stats from 2007-08 are missing, but in 2006-07 he put up a very impressive 13GP 12+17=29 as a rookie freshman.

    He’s currently in his final year of university as a 4th year student and the 2009-10 season will be his last one with Waseda University.

    He also played in the latest world championships on the senior men’s team with a respectable 2+1=3P in 5GP despite not being used prominently (probably).


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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 10日 Wednesday




    2007 David Price Vanderbilt 11-1 18 133.1 31 194 2.63 

    2004 Jered Weaver LB St. 15-1 19 144 21 213 1.62 

    2001 Mark Prior USC 15-1 20 138.2 18 202 1.69 

    1996 Kris Benson Clemson 14-2 19 156 27 204 2.02 

    1989 Ben McDonald LSU 14-4 26 152.1 n/a 202 3.49 

    1986 Mike Loynd Fla. St. 20-3 25 164.2 48 223 2.45 

    1985 Greg Swindell Texas 19-2 26 172 n/a 204 1.67 

    1979 Derek Tatsuno Hawaii 20-1 22 174.1 n/a 234 1.86 

    1976 Floyd Bannister Ariz. St. 19-2 25 186 66 213 1.45 

    1975 Floyd Bannister Ariz. St. 15-4 21 157.1 42 217 1.66 

    1973 Eddie Bane Ariz. St. 15-1 18 140 46 192 1.93 

    1972 Eddie Bane Ariz. St. 14-1 20 144.2 42 213 0.99 

    1971 Burt Hooton Texas 11-1 n/a 97.1 24 153 1.11 

    1966 Steve Arlin Ohio St. 11-1 n/a 104.1 n/a 129 1.72 

    1965 Steve Arlin Ohio St. 13-2 n/a 141.1 n/a 165 2.48 

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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 May 18日 Monday





    (2009年5月18日02時54分  読売新聞)



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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 May 12日 Tuesday


    90.0 Tomas Perez
    89.8 Tony Pena
    89.2 Paul Janish
    86.5 David McCarty
    85.0 Abraham Nunez
    84.5 Josh Wilson
    84.3 Wiki Gonzalez
    83.9 Scott Spiezio
    83.0 Jamie Burke
    81.7 Jeff Cirillo
    81.3 Cody Ross
    79.2 Tim Laker
    79.0 Frank Menechino
    78.5 Augie Ojeda
    78.0 John Van Every
    75.6 Todd Zeile
    75.4 Nick Swisher
    75.2 Sean Burroughs
    73.2 Jason Wood
    72.8 Aaron Miles
    69.1 Mark Grace




    90.0 Tomas Perez

    89.8 Tony Pena

    89.2 Paul Janish

    86.5 David McCarty

    85.0 Abraham Nunez

    84.5 Josh Wilson

    84.3 Wiki Gonzalez

    83.9 Scott Spiezio

    83.0 Jamie Burke

    81.7 Jeff Cirillo

    81.3 Cody Ross

    79.2 Tim Laker

    79.0 Frank Menechino

    78.5 Augie Ojeda

    78.0 John Van Every

    75.6 Todd Zeile

    75.4 Nick Swisher

    75.2 Sean Burroughs

    73.2 Jason Wood

    72.8 Aaron Miles

    69.1 Mark Grace

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    2009, Homerun Heaven?

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 April 18日 Saturday

    It seems like we’ve seen a lot of homeruns so far in the 2009 NPB season what with all the 3 homer games (with Kanemoto doing it twice in 3 days!). Is the ball livelier this season? And if so why would Japanese baseball go in the opposite direction from international standards?

    Anyways, it’s still early going, but I compared the number of homeruns with last year’s figure and here’s what I got (before today’s games).

    CL 2009: 37 Games 71 HR = 1.92 HR/G

    PL 2009: 37 Games 69 HR = 1.86 HR/G

    CL 2008: 1.69 HR/G

    PL 2008: 1.74 HR/G

    So, CL has seen a whopping 14% increase in homeruns (with the bigger park in Hiroshima to boot!), and PL has seen a 7% increase. 37 games is still too small a sample size, so we may see the homerun rates regress to 2008 levels, but we are definitely seeing more homeruns in early 2009. Are teams ordering more tightly wound balls? Who knows. It’s interesting that more homers were hit in the bigger PL parks last season than the CL with a couple of bandboxes (Hiroshima, Yokohama) and a homer friendly Tokyo Dome. This probably needs deeper digging before making any conclusions.

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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 April 17日 Friday

    4/15 にボストン・レッドソックスのナックルボーラーであり吉田えりのアイドルであるティム・ウェイクフィールドが4安打2失点で完投しました。111球で平均速度は63マイル(102キロ)、自分が投げる球と大体同じですw



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    Tazawa, so far so good

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 April 15日 Wednesday

    After making 2 starts with Boston’s AA Portland Sea Dogs, Red Sox’s first Japanese amateur signing Junichi Tazawa is looking good with 11 IP, 10 K, 3 BB, 1.60 ERA with a 1-1 record. He pitched in the season opener with a 5 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 7 K line. Then he followed it up with 6 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 3 K last evening against New Britain Rock Cats.

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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 April 11日 Saturday


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    Aniki 17 BayStars 5

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 April 10日 Friday

    Fun with early season statistics. 6 games into the Nippon Professional Baseball’s season, Hanshin Tigers’ Tomoaki “Aniki” Kanemoto has driven in 17 runs (4 HR, 29 TB, with a ridiculous slash line of .583/.593/1.208), and the 41 year old clean up hitter has topped it all off when he hit homeruns on 3 consecutive plate appearances to start off the game Wednesday in a 4 hit game against the Hiroshima Carp and drove in 7 of the team’s runs in the 8-2 win.

    In the mean time, the entire lineup of the Yokohama BayStars have managed to score paltry 5 runs in their first 6 games against the Chunichi Dragons and the Yomiuri Giants. The team is collectively batting a pathetic .176 and the woeful pitching has a 7.24 ERA. No other team in the 12 team NPB has scored less than 25 runs in their first 5~6 games of the season. So, what’s the over/under on Yokohama’s first win of the season? How about a game where they score 5 or more runs? All hail the Aniki the Astonishing!


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    2008-09 AL Season Review

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 April 9日 Thursday

    I’m currently lacking both the brain cells and the time to do this properly, so the 2008-09 Asia League Ice Hockey season will be reviewed in bullet point style.

    • Nippon Paper Cranes reign supreme again! Asia League power house returns to the top after fighting through 3 rounds of playoffs, and going the full 7 in both the semi and finals. The Cranes last won the trophy 2 seasons ago, so it was a short absence from the top.
    • Seibu Prince Rabbits fold. The tin foil hat says that this is part of Seibu Group’s attempt to rid of Tsutsumi colours (including the baseball team’s uniform colour, literally). There’s hope of the team being resurrected as an independent pro club team as seen in an earlier post on this blog.
    • Anyang Halla is back, but High1 falls back. Anyang Halla added quality imports, got its sniper Song Dong-Hwan back from 2 years of military service (he didn’t miss a beat, being 4th in league scoring 3 seasons ago as well as this past season), and rookies who immediately contributed by finishing top 10 in scoring (Kim Ki-Sung and Park Woo-Sang who were just from universities drafted in the offseason). High1 was 2nd in the 2007-08 regular season, but fell down to 5th place and immediately got swept in the first round play in against the Cranes. 1st to 4th this year was a complete toss up, but then there was a big gap to High1 in 4th. High1 will be looking to climb back up to the top half of the table next season, and especially not to finish the season below their Korean rivals Halla.
    • The bottom of the table was occupied by the usual suspects, the Nikko Ice Bucks and the Chinese entry, the China Sharks. But things were upside down this past season with the Sharks crawling out of the basement thanks in large part to Wade Flaherty’s Herculian efforts (he won the Best Goalie Award) and kicked the troubled Bucks down into the basement. 
    • Since there were no double digit blowouts like in previous seasons when teams could run up the score on Chinese teams, finally for the first time, stats in the Asia League is actually quite credible (no need to sift through strength of schedule, opponents, and run a query). So let’s take a look at the scoring board:
    • 0809_al_scoring
    • High powered offence of Halla has 5  players ranked in the top 11, including a rookie in Kim Ki-Sung, and sniper Song Dong-Hwan who returned to the league after missing the last 2 seasons due to mandatory military service for all Korean adult males (except big time celebrities and sports figures it seems, if they can win exemptions or wiggle their way out). There are many of the usual suspects on the list including Suzuki and Prpic of Seibu, but who knows what their future holds for now. And Chris Yule showed his former team that he was still an offensive force. 
    • Additionally, defenceman Jon Awe (AHL 12+17=29) finished on top of scoring for defencemen ahead of Asia League and national team vet Aaron Keller (OJI 5+19=24) and AL sophomore Richard Rochefort (SPR 7+17=24), and Halla’s other import Brad Fast (7+27 = 34) ranked high in league scoring, prompting an unprecedented move by an AL team when Anyang Halla re-signed all their imports to multi-year deals with scoring leader Brock Radunski signing a 3-year contract and the others to 2-years.
    • This was in part prompted by Halla’s awesome offence as they became the first non-Japanese team to win the regular season (and were one win away from becoming the first non-Japanese team in the playoff finals). The awesome Halla offence racked up 150 goals in 36 games for a very impressive 4.17 G/G with and converted astonishing 38% of their power play chances for 54 goals. I’m sure Halla is glad to have their offence intact for next season, as they were only a win away from reaching the finals.
    • While all other teams allowed 95 goals or more, the finally nicknamed Oji Eagles impressively only let in 77 goals, and were also 2nd in the league in both the power play and the penalty kill.
    • Finally, since Deanna brought her big camera with her to game 7 of the finals, we have some good pictures of the final game for the Seibu Prince Rabbits.

    (Photos courtesy of Deanna)

    Cranes celebrate first goal of the game by Darcy Mitani.


    Seibu Prince Rabbits and Japan national team captain Takahito Suzuki who almost singlehandedly won the championship for Seibu, scoring the game winner with 45 seconds left in game 6, then both of Seibu’s goals in game 7.


    Cranes goalie Hisashi Ishikawa, the playoff MVP, who unbelievably stopped 54 of 56 shots for the game 7 victory.


    Cranes with the Asia League trophy, congratulations!! (and let’s hope there are at least 7 teams in the league again next season..)


    more photos after this break:

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