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    バンクーバー2010 最終予選

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 February 6日 Friday


    で、日本はいきなり強豪ドイツ代表との試合が今日行われ、1(1-3, 0-3, 0-1)7の惨敗。3ピリはドイツもスローダウンしたみたいなので、実際はかなりの実力差が証明されてしまったみたいです。これで、ミラクルでもない限り、日本代表のバンクーバー行きはありえません…ふぅ。分かっていた事だけど、残念だ。オーストリアはAHL から2選手引き抜いてきた上欧州トップリーグで活躍してる選手も数人います、スロベニアは近年凄い力を付けているので、楽に勝てる相手はもちろんいません。アジアリーグと欧州トップリーグの差はまだまだ広いみたいですね…

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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 January 27日 Tuesday

    2009 NHL オールスター戦@モントリオールは、11-11の末シュートアウトで決定しました。カナディエンズのAlexei Kovalev がシュートを決めて、凄い盛り上がったシュートアウトの模様です。2009 モントリオールは、名門Canadiens 100周年と重なり、いまだかつてない盛り上がりを見せたオールスターだったみたいです。マスコミブロガーのオールスターの写真集、なかなか見ごたえがあります

    日曜日にロシアのKazan で、KHL で初めてゴーリーがゴールを決めました。Metallurg Magnitogorsk のIlya Proskurayakov がAk Bars Kazan 相手に6人攻撃されてる時に見事に決めました。 


    おまけにケベック・シティで行われた2009 Red Bull Crashed Ice、フィンランドのArttu Pihlainen 選手の連覇(なはず)。

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    Team Japan for Vancouver 2010 Final Qualifying

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 January 23日 Friday

    Team Japan was announced on 15 January for the final round of qualifying for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Japan is in a very tough group against Austria, Slovenia, and hosts Germany. The games will take place 5-8 February in Hannover. The winner of the group will qualify for the Vancouver Olympics. Japan is essentially going into this round of qualifying with the exact same team that won the first round of qualifying in Poland last November. The team will hold camp in Italy from 27 Jan – 2 Feb before heading over to Hannover. You can see each player’s individual stats in the 2008-09 Asia League.

    GK Haruna (35) Oji Eagles    
    GK Ishikawa (27) Nippon Paper Cranes
    GK Kikuchi (33) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    DF J. Tonosaki (25) Nippon Paper Cranes
    DF Miyauchi (36) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    DF Osawa (30) Nippon Paper Cranes
    DF R. Kawai (24) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    DF Minami (23) Oji Eagles
    DF Yamashita (21) Oji Eagles
    DF Keller (33) Oji Eagles
    FW Domeki (25) Oji Eagles
    FW Kon (30) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    FW Kamino (29) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    FW Ogawa (26) Oji Eagles
    FW G. Tanaka (25) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    FW Obara (27) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    FW Iimura (27) Nippon Paper Cranes
    FW T. Suzuki (33) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    FW Ta. Saito (27) Oji Eagles
    FW Mitani (35) Nippon Paper Cranes
    FW Te. Saito (25) Oji Eagles
    FW Nishiwaki (26) Nippon Paper Cranes
    FW S. Sato (25) Seibu Prince Rabbits

    IIHF World Rankings:

    Germany (10), Slovenia (15), Austria (16), Japan (22)

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    2008 Asia Series

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 November 13日 Thursday

    The 2008 Asia Series has opened with an upset resembling the Beijing Olympics as the Uni-Presidents Lions of Taiwan (CPBL) lost 3-4 to the Tianjin Lions of China (CBA). The nightcap features the third Lions team in the NPB champs Saitama Seibu Lions hosting the powerful KBO champs SK Wyverns (who defeated Chunichi Dragons once in the previous edition of this championship). (Correction: Uni-President won the game 7-4 on a 3 run walkoff “sayonara” homerun, the official Asia Series site update puts a 0 in the scoreboard while the inning is still in progress, hence my mistake.)

    The Asia Series narrowly missed out on being a Four Lions affair, as the Korean Samsung Lions bowed out in the Korean postseason semifinals, ah well. It’ll be good to see the full squad of the SK Wyverns, they could very well take this tournament as the Saitama Seibu Lions are missing half the key players from the regular season and postseason due to contract obligations (import outfielder Hiram Bocachica and closer Alex Graman), injuries (shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima, catcher Toru Hosokawa, outfielder GG Sato, and first baseman Craig Brazell), and veteran non-participations (starting pitchers Kazuhisa Ishii and Fumiya). Seibu may even drop a game against the Chinese or Taiwanese Lions.

    Anyways, with the total lack of coverage and promotion for this event, it makes you wonder whether the NPB brass are trying to kill the series. Japan is in much the similar situation with the Asia Series as the US is in with the WBC. Nothing to gain and everything to lose. But both events are useful tools for international baseball promotion and NPB and MLB should really get behind these events.

    There’s the issue of playing baseball in mid-November, but this is because the Japan Series is now played in early November due to the Climax Series playoffs implemented in both leagues. But with a 6 games a week schedule, I don’t see why NPB can’t reschedule make up games for rained out games on many of these days off instead of dragging the season on with meaningless make up games right through October. There’s something with Japanese labour law that requires employees not to be working for so many consecutive days, so maybe that is the cause…

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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 November 13日 Thursday





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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 November 11日 Tuesday


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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 November 9日 Sunday


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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 November 8日 Saturday



    画面内の「na żywo」という再生ボタンをクリックすれば見れます。

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    Olympic qualifier Japan national teams announced

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 October 27日 Monday

    Japan Ice Hockey Federation has announced the national teams for the upcoming Vancouver Olympics qualifying tournament on 6-9 November. The men’s team will train in Germany from 29 Oct, and will enter Poland on 3 Nov for the tournament against Great Britain, Romania, and the hosts Poland. The women’s team will play in Shanghai against Norway, the Czech Republic, and China.

    Men’s team.


    Masahito Haruna (35) Oji Eagles

    Hisashi Ishikawa (27) Nippon Paper Cranes

    Naoya Kikuchi (33) Seibu Prince Rabbits



    Jun Tonosaki (24) Cranes

    Fumitaka Miyauchi (35) Seibu

    Hideyuki Osawa (29) Cranes

    Ryuichi Kawai (24) Seibu

    Ryota Minami (22) Oji

    Takafumi Yamashita (20) Oji

    Aaron Keller (33) Oji




    Katsuya Ogawa (23) Oji

    Masato Domeki (24) Oji

    Yosuke Kon (30) Seibu

    Toru Kamino (29) Seibu

    Masafumi Ogawa (24) Oji

    Go Tanaka (24) Seibu

    Daisuke Obara (27) Seibu

    Takahito Suzuki (33) Seibu

    Takeshi Saito (27) Oji

    Darcy Mitani (34) Cranes

    Kei Tonosaki (26) Oji

    Tetsuya Saito (24) Oji

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