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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 October 6日 Tuesday

    サンノゼ・シャークスのファンサイト、Sharks Site によるチャイナ・シャークスのChris Collins 元GMとのインタビューです。シャークスの長期的目標はチームとリーグをもっとプロ化させる事で、各連盟の影響を無くしてビジネスモデルとしてアジアリーグとシャークスを成功させる事だったそうです(現状から考えると夢物語みたいですね)。その為には、短期的にはシャークスは外国人選手に頼り(今季のチーム構成は中国人7人、元NHL選手5人-エンディコットとパーピック含む-と残りは日本人選手になる予定だったそうです)、中国人選手育成の為のファームチームを作り年間75-95試合を韓国、日本と北朝鮮のアマチュアチームと試合を組ませる予定だったそうです(合理的に見えますが、スポーツ省の権力者は自分の選手をトップチームに入れたかったそうです、ボロ負けする事になっても)。あとリーグの為にはオフィシャルの質の向上も欠かせなかったと言っています、今はレベルが低すぎると。NYアイランダーズのオーナーCharles Wang 氏が中国北部で行っている、ユース・プレーヤー向けのProject Hope との連携は全く無かったのは残念です。Collins 氏はまた条件が揃えばシャークスは中国へ戻れると語っていますが、スポーツ省の現状を読む限り、両者の思惑が一致するのは難しそうです。アムールとバイキングスに続き、アジアリーグはまた残念なパートナーを無くしました。

    [Q] Can you tell me about the San Jose Sharks ending their affiliation with the China Sharks this summer, a team which has been renamed the China Dragons?

    [CC] In China, nothing is as it ever seems! We proposed a plan for total Chinese solvency financially and on the ice at the development and Asian League level. The Chinese ice hockey Association and its Jr. ministers in charge wanted things to remain ‘status quo’ which we deemed unacceptable. In the end I gave Greg Jamison and Mike Lehr, my two supervisors and partners, the opinion that we should not go forward in the Asian League with the Chinese until the Chinese Ice Hockey Association and its operatives were removed from our partnership. The (China Sharks) and the Asian League were asked by us NOT to use any of our “marks”.

    [Q] Is there still a relationship between the Sharks and the Chinese Ice Hockey Association, and moving forward does the San Jose Sharks organization have future plans for China in general or the ALIH specifically?

    [CC] There is a fabulous relationship between the Sr. Director of the CIHA, Mr. Zhou and SVSE as we look forward to working with them in the future. Our main goals now are developing coaches, players and on/off ice officials with Sr. officials in the Minister of Sports office in China. This level is going to affect change in China and help our work and expertise reach the people as opposed to any game playing at the lower levels we’ve tried to avoid.

    [Q] I have read hockey is historically popular in certain regions of China. In what parts of the country was hockey already played? How did the Sharks work to increase the development of new players? How quickly did Chinese fans or the Chinese media adapt to a new team and a new sport being played in such an urban location? How was that reception compared to other teams in Japan or Korea?

    [CC] Hockey in China is well known despite the results under the current regime of the CIHA. Hockey is mainly popular in the North mostly because of the influence of the Russian border. The sport with the influx of rinks nationwide is growing in unconventional areas weather-wise as the South and West will see rapid growth in the game in the near future. This is vital to the games survival if for no other reason than to get the game away from the grips of the same old “dinosaurs” in the north of China who have taken the game the wrong direction while using it as a game where development of coaches, players and officials (was non-professional).

    The Chinese media covered our team and results because the team is incorrectly classified and created as the official ‘National Team’ of China for financial reasons that has no benefit for people like us or those who play the sport. Because the players level was so poor due to bad development and bad coaching and training, the Chinese media were and are ‘brutal’ towards the sport, especially the Men’s team.

    This season we were only going forward in the Asian League in a commercially run team where the Jr. ministers and their local (associates) would have no say or affect on any players we picked, trained, paid and developed. Of course the CIHA was vehemently against this proposal as it basically boxed and blocked any influence they would have, so our investment in China of developing coaches, players and officials would be expedited two-fold.

    You must understand that the rules in creating the team are set for Jr. ministers and their buddies to keep everyone happy by selecting teams that their (associates) ask them to pick. Of course for one season we did not allow this and the team was more successful than it had ever been. This created chaos for the very few ‘obstructionist’ in the local northern region, as the game was changed and those responsible for the destruction of the Chinese so called ‘product’ were left out in the cold. Their players of choice who have led China to the B division of group 2 at the WC, and have led the country to be the laughing stock of international hockey were all told by me and my coaches ‘thanks but no thanks’ as we were rebuilding the team from top to bottom.

    The crowds in Songjiang where we played last season (about 35 minutes outside Shanghai with no traffic) were good as we averaged just over 3000 per game. Mostly college kids and young families as they were loyal and vocal about the Sharks! Sadly this season they’ve lost their first 6 games in a hapless situation where on average 350 people have been let in free to watch this… collection of kids being led down a path of more failure.

    Chinese (fans) are obviously not very kind to the Japanese teams as a whole and maybe like the South Koreans a bit more. Other sports mainly feed this rivalry like soccer, table tennis, badminton, volleyball and basketball.

    [Q] In an interview, Claude Lemieux mentioned a few thousand fans in attendance during one of the games in China. How was the turnout and the atmosphere during the China Sharks first season? Which was the toughest building to play in?

    [CC] Atmosphere in the building was great. There are plenty of YouTube clips from fans at home games last season in Songjiang as we enjoyed our time there and the community.

    God Bless Claude and his family for letting him come over as he was and is great. He is one of the best people I’ve ever known as he is the consummate professional, and like Mac and Flats gave our team and league a sense of being. I will forever be indebted to my friend Claude as should all hockey people as the game needs more talent and character like Claude.

    The toughest building for the China Sharks to play in was Anyang, home of the Halla team in South Korea. They seemed to be the only team who prepared as if the NHL Sharks were on the ice (laugh). We liked our partners in the AL as we hope to be back soon under a completely separate structure than what is currently in place and unacceptable to us an ownership group.

    [Q] The San Jose Sharks brought a few China Sharks forwards to Oakland Ice for an offseason hockey clinic. San Jose also brought several foreign-born players to China to help solidify the lineup, including player/coach and former San Jose goaltender Wade Flaherty, and 6-foot-7 defenseman/coach Steve McKenna. How difficult was the process of bringing in foreign-born imports to China and the ALIH? Flaherty was named the best goaltender in the league last year, former Stockton Thunder forward Brock Radunske lead the league in goals (29) and points (57), and Jason Beeman lead the China Sharks with 15 goals. How much of an impact of did foreign-born players have on the ice and in the development of the ALIH players elsewhere and in China? Were there any other players that you contacted, or that contacted you, about playing in China or the ALIH?

    [CC] Many ex-NHLers I know want to come to China as the numbers this past off season were very high as we would have been a favorite to win the AL had we gone forward. My plan was two stage: One was to field a development team playing 75-95 games while playing exhibition schedules all season against AL teams and Asian hockey colleges in Japan and South and North Korea. This team would have been 99% Chinese. The AL team would have been 7 Chinese tops with the other 13 players half import and half Japanese. Because of the Sharks name, and because of the exoticness of China, acquiring players was not a problem.

    Import players are China right now which is what is wrong with the current people running Chinese men’s hockey. They do not understand the concept of 3 steps back in the long run equals 15 steps forward. Whether its because of financial interests or ignorance is not important, the Chinese men will never grow until a proven researched national strategy, like what we invested millions in, is fully implemented and the troublemakers are pushed aside.

    This season we would have had 5 former NHL players on the China Sharks roster had we proceeded.

    [Q] Steve McKenna might have the most interesting post-NHL career story of any hockey player to date, going from England to Australia to Italy to Korea. Can you describe how he came to the China Sharks? He also mentioned a persepctive shift when he and Flaherty were riding bikes through the University campus on the way to work. Is an open minded and adventurous mindset needed for former North American or European players to enjoy themselves in the ALIH? What are one or two things that a player might have to deal with playing in China that he would not expect prior to coming over?

    [CC] The minute we were announced as taking over the AL franchise, which by the way was never our goal as we came to China to develop players, coaches and officials and still see this as our mission, I targeted Mac as I knew him well. After our first season when we realized how dysfunctional the system currently in place was I called him and said ‘Mac, you must be in China next season’… I think we agreed to a contract on that phone call. The fact Mac is the national team coach of Australia and has won a World Championship at the helm there also fit our needs of playing and assisting Derek.

    YES, players must be open minded and adventurous to live and play in China… (laugh). The bicycles were my idea as I thought it would be great to have these big guys in their suits riding to and from the arena daily in front of hundreds of thousands of college students.

    Communism and its effects on people in a society that is quickly changing into a full fledged democracy in some ways is a major eye opener. It seemed to me that the players got it very well while the Jr. ministers did, but wanted no part of it and its affect on the average person… (laugh). The absolute lack of understanding of the team game is another. How the game of hockey is really coached and taught is another. How people eat team meals and travel and what is socially acceptable and what is not is another major eye opener. If you factor in what communism’s principals are and add them to these equations you get some very entertaining and interesting results. I am saving the juiciest stories for my book that I am writing on China and team sports.


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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 August 28日 Friday



    でもIIHFのニュース記事では、中国代表とチャイナ・シャークスの新ヘッドコーチは、国際経験豊富なベラルーシ人のAndrei Kovalev 氏に決定したそうだとか。てか、ベラルーシ人を新ヘッドとして採用してる時点で、もうなんかサンノゼとは離れていってる感じもする。

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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 April 10日 Friday

    フィンランドのHameenlinna で開催されている2009女子世界選手権で、残念ながら日本代表は下位ディビジョンへの降格が決定されてしまいました。


    この3チームの中では日本有利に見えるかもしれませんが、この大会でスイスは格上のカザフスタンを延長の後GWS まで持ち込む接戦をして、中国は日本相手に11月のバンクーバー五輪最終予選で2-0 で勝利しておりオリンピック出場最後の切符を手にしています。

    日本が今大会残留グループに入ってしまったのは、初戦の強豪アメリカ相手の0-8 (日本のシュート数が8という圧倒的な力の差、初A代表の桐渕絵理選手はこの試合に出場し31シュート中27セーブしました、ユニバーシアード代表にも呼ばれたので幸先は明るいと思います、あとはアメリカの大学のNCAA リーグでアイスタイム確保すれば、将来日本代表の守護神になれるでしょう、他にこのレベルでプレーしてる選手はいませんので)、そしてロシア相手に1-3 と惨敗したからです。

    スイスは昨日中国相手にGWS の末5-4 と見事に勝利したので、今日の日本戦で勝てば日中戦の前に残留を決定できる状況にいました。日本は2ピリにスイスに先制された後に食らいつき藤本選手が同点ゴールを決めましたが、ピリオド終了直前の39:37 にスイスにまた1点入れられリードを許してしまいました。3ピリに山中選手のゴールでまた同点に追いつきますが、その3分後にはまたスイスにリードされ、そのまま試合終了になってしまい、明日の中国戦を残して降格決定(スイスが残留決定となった為)となりました。



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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 November 13日 Thursday





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    AL プレシーズン

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 September 7日 Sunday



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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 August 14日 Thursday


    本拠地を北京から上海に移したアジアリーグの中国シャークスが、新外国人として選手兼コーチのSteve McKenna 選手(昨シーズンはHigh1)と、ゴーリー兼コーチのWade Flaherty 選手を獲得

    McKenna 選手は昨シーズン30試合で2G+11A=13P そして64PIMのタフガイ。ネット前で重要な働きをしてくれるディフェンスマンです。そして、最近オーストラリア代表のコーチとしてディビジョンII を優勝した経験もあるので、指導者としても価値のある獲得です。

    そして40歳のFlaherty 選手ですが、未だに毎シーズン30試合以上AHL で出場していて、GAA2点台の.910以上のセーブ率の好成績を収めていますので、アジアリーグではかなり強力な助っ人となり、シャークスの為に一人で何試合も勝ち取ってしまうでしょう。そしてアジアリーグの少ない試合数は、彼みたいな大ベテランにも丁度良いだろうし。

    あと、ECHLで主にプレー経験のあるAdam Taylor 選手(RW)とも契約していましたね。昨シーズンは主にAHLでプレーして苦労したみたいだけど(第4ラインとかだった?)、それ以前はECHL で試合平均1ポイント獲得しているので、西脇選手並の攻撃力はあるでしょう。


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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 July 16日 Wednesday


    1) 中国シャークスは本拠地を北京から上海に移転。また7チームのリーグ。中国や韓国で噂されていた新チームの加入は見送り(それもあるが、極東ロシアのチームにも復帰してもらいたいんだが…)

    2) 中国シャークスは外国籍選手(中国・韓国・日本以外)を7人使用できる、韓国の2チームは2011年までは4人ずつだそうです。日本の4チームは恐らく変わらないと思いますが…これについては何も聞いてません。

    3) ハルラの本拠地のアニャン(ソウルの郊外)で、去年開催したプレシーズントーナメントのアニャンカップをまた開催する模様(毎年恒例のイベントにしたかったコメントがあるので、これは想定内の良い事ですね)。アジアリーグからの参加チームはハルラ、High1、シャークス、日本製紙クレインズ、王子製紙の5チームが確実で、あと多分去年みたいに地元の延世大学かな?去年からの入れ替えがSEIBUプリンスラビッツ→中国シャークスですね。

    4) レギュラーシーズンでのシュートアウト(SO、ゲームウィニングショット)制導入。延長戦のあとまだ同点であれば、まずは3人ずつシュートをして、それでもまだ同点であれば1人ずつサドンデス形式で行う。8人目からはまた1人目の選手を使える。

    5) シュートアウト導入に従って、勝ち点制度も変更。



    6) プレーオフ制度の変更、去年は7チーム中6チーム参加できたのを、5チームに縮小。まず4位対5位が2戦先勝(ベスト・オブ・3)のシリーズを行い、その勝者が1位チームと準決勝で当たり、2位対3位でもう一つの準決勝を行う。準決勝と決勝は4戦先勝(ベスト・オブ・7)なので、NHLみたいな長いシリーズの戦い方を習得する必要がある。


    7) レギュラーシーズンは去年の30試合から36試合に拡大。年々試合数が減ってきていたので、これは改善です(特に資金難の日光アイスバックスは、試合数が少ない程収入が少ないので)。

    8 ) レギュラーシーズンは9月27日~1月25日。

    9) プレーオフは2月19日~3月24日。

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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 22日 Thursday


    国際アイスホッケー連盟は、2010年に開催される「バンクーバー オリンピック」と、


    ポーランドルーマニアイギリス と総当りのリーグ戦を行い、トップになれば、
    来年2月に、ドイツ、ラトビア、またはノルウェーの いずれかで行われる最終予選へ。


    こちらも、開催国の 中国 と チェコ、さらに 1次予選から勝ち上がってきたチーム との、



    先月札幌で行われたディビジョンI の運営が散々(ほとんど広報無し、メディアの注目度も激低…orz 日ア連は、やる気あるのかね?古い体質が問題視されている話を聞くのも少なくないですね、残念ながら…)

    がんばれ日本!そしてアジアリーグ覇者王子の来シーズンに向けてのトレーニングキャンプはもう始まりました。西武のタフなトレーニングプログラムといい、最近日本ホッケーのトップレベルはレベルアップしてるみたいですね、ハンガリー、デンマークやオーストリアのライバル国は、協会とクラブと選手の育成ベクトルに統一性を持っているのでもっと進展してるそうですが。(今年の世界選手権ではノルウェーとベラルーシもがんばりましたね。)スイスなんて、ついに世界ランキング7位になり、ビッグ7の壁を突き破りました(まあ、スロバキアはNHL 選手が多く不在してた一軍半でしたが。)


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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 2日 Friday

    近年成長目覚しく、先月札幌での世界選手権ディビジョンI B では全勝して(日本戦は延長になるべきでしたが)見事トップディビジョン昇格の切符を勝ち取ったハンガリー代表。ジュニア世代でも着実に力をつけてきていますので、今回の優勝と昇格を運のみでは語れません。

    そして代表が帰国した時には、なんと約1000人ものファンに出迎えられたそうです!もし別の年に日本が昇格を果たしていたら、1000人ものファンに空港で出迎えられたでしょうか、残念ながらなんか無さそうな気がします。それだけ今ハンガリーではホッケー人気が上がってきてるという事ですね。この様子はNHL.com でも取り上げられました

    しかし、この記事で私が一番興味を持ったのは、ハンガリーのクラブチームAlba Volan についての差込記事の方でした。このチーム、オーストリアのホッケーリーグEBHL (スロベニアからも2チーム参加)と、国内リーグの両方にチームを出しました。結果は、一軍で挑んだレベルの高いオーストリアリーグでは惨敗、ダントツビリの10位でした(アジアリーグの中国シャークスみたいに)。そして若手主体で戦った国内リーグでは7チーム中6位、しかしオーストリアで戦ってた選手達がプレーオフに戻ってきて、見事にプレーオフを制覇して決勝では隣国ルーマニアのチームを下し優勝!




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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 April 28日 Monday











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