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    Suntory The Straight

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 April 16日 Thursday

    Finally, a new happoshu (the second rate beer imitation) that’s drinkable has returned to the market. After the demise of the original Santory Magnum Dry, I’ve been looking for drinkable happoshu as their price points are about 100 yen cheaper than real beer which usually start at around 220 yen. Suntory The Straight seems to be repackaged Magnum Dry, as it’s crisp and goes down easy. A poor man’s Asahi Super Dry, as you can say in both cases. It’s just that Magnum Dry had disappeared off the shelves in recent months (a year?) so I had been looking for a decent substitute and other happoshu just weren’t doing the job (let alone the sub-happoshu that’s classified as 3rd class “beer” made of soy beans, ugh, nothing half decent in this category, just move along). So, if you’re looking for Asahi Super Dry on the cheap for spring-summer drinking season, I recomment Suntory’s The Straight. Maybe an upcoming post about the hangover effects of this drink, as happoshu tend to give you worse hangovers than beer.



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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 February 20日 Friday

    自我理想図? :P

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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 January 19日 Monday

    What makes men happy.. 説明いらずですw

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    Swedish Murray UberTap

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 9日 Friday

    When browsing through the latest news from the IIHF World Championships, this caption caught my eye “Sweden, here with Douglas Murray, steamrolls Denmark with Kasper Degn. Photo: IIHF/HHoF/Matthew Manor” since there’s an older player with the same name who’s probably Canadian born and naturalized German playing in Germany.

    Turns out he’s pretty much all Swedish, but his father’s family immigrated to Sweden from Scotland in the 1730’s(!) now that’s old school.

    Plus, him and his friends invented the UberTap while in college to speed up beer pouring at keg parties, how cool is that.

    UberTap is a system that uses a foot pump to extract the liquid gold, and three spouts to fill the glasses.

    Imagine that. Three glasses being filled simultaneously.

    To borrow phrase sudsy connoisseurs know — brilliant.

    “It took too long to get beer in college. It’s about five times as fast to fill up,” Murray said. “Since I’ve been in the NHL, I haven’t been involved as much, my partner is running it. When I was in the minors, there was more time.”

    So much for the thought Murray was just another hulking defenceman.

    Actually, that tidbit is just the tip of the iceberg with him.

    He’s actually Swedish — his father’s family came from Scotland in the 1730s, so that explains the Anglicized names. His brothers are named Ted, Charles and his sister is Roseanna.

    “All my relatives and cousins have Swedish names, but my parents wanted their kids to have English names, which is different when you live back in Sweden,” Murray said.

    “But when you live over here, nobody believes you’re Swedish.”

    Murray left home to play junior and high school hockey in New York state, living with relatives on Long Island, because he figured it would be a fun experience for one year.

    Instead of returning home, he received a scholarship at Cornell, and became a two-time first-team all-American and team captain. He’s also rung the bell at the New York Mercantile Exchange in the summer of 2006.

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