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    Eri Kiribuchi at the Worlds

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 April 22日 Wednesday

    Goaltender Eri Kiribuchi, born in Japan, learned hockey in the Czech Republic, and now attending Bemidji State University in Minnesota, USA, playing for the Japanese national team for the first time in her career against USA at the 2009 IIHF Women’s World Championship in Finland. She gave up 4 goals against the world champions in half the game in Japan’s 0-8 loss in pool play, she looks to be a key piece for the future of the Japanese national team as she is the only person playing outside of the country and in the de facto women’s elite league that is NCAA Division I.


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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 April 10日 Friday

    フィンランドのHameenlinna で開催されている2009女子世界選手権で、残念ながら日本代表は下位ディビジョンへの降格が決定されてしまいました。


    この3チームの中では日本有利に見えるかもしれませんが、この大会でスイスは格上のカザフスタンを延長の後GWS まで持ち込む接戦をして、中国は日本相手に11月のバンクーバー五輪最終予選で2-0 で勝利しておりオリンピック出場最後の切符を手にしています。

    日本が今大会残留グループに入ってしまったのは、初戦の強豪アメリカ相手の0-8 (日本のシュート数が8という圧倒的な力の差、初A代表の桐渕絵理選手はこの試合に出場し31シュート中27セーブしました、ユニバーシアード代表にも呼ばれたので幸先は明るいと思います、あとはアメリカの大学のNCAA リーグでアイスタイム確保すれば、将来日本代表の守護神になれるでしょう、他にこのレベルでプレーしてる選手はいませんので)、そしてロシア相手に1-3 と惨敗したからです。

    スイスは昨日中国相手にGWS の末5-4 と見事に勝利したので、今日の日本戦で勝てば日中戦の前に残留を決定できる状況にいました。日本は2ピリにスイスに先制された後に食らいつき藤本選手が同点ゴールを決めましたが、ピリオド終了直前の39:37 にスイスにまた1点入れられリードを許してしまいました。3ピリに山中選手のゴールでまた同点に追いつきますが、その3分後にはまたスイスにリードされ、そのまま試合終了になってしまい、明日の中国戦を残して降格決定(スイスが残留決定となった為)となりました。



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    Japanese hockey wrap

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 February 20日 Friday

    The best-of-3 play-in round between 4th place Nippon Paper Cranes and High1 finished in a blowout for the Cranes, sweeping the series with 5-2 and 8-4 wins. Now the semifinals pits the rested Anyang Halla (the first non-Japanese team to top the regular season standings) against the battle worn Cranes, and soon to fold Seibu Prince Rabbits against the Oji Eagles. They both should be dandy series, and with the balanced schedule this past season, Halla’s record is for real and I’m looking for them progressing to the finals! (And for Seibu to have its last hurrah in addition to them winning the 2009 All Japan Championship in an exciting 6-5 final against the Cranes.) 

    In other Japanese hockey news, with the Seibu group officially pulling the plug on its hockey team, there will be a memorial alumni game to be held at the DyDo Drinco Arena in Higashifushimi, Tokyo, on 28 March. The match should feature Kokudo and Seibu Railway legends such as the Wakabayashi brothers, Herb and Mel.

    And in Harbin 2009 Universiade news, Japan won 3-2 over China, with Eri Kiribuchi notching her first win turning aside 26 of 28 shots in a much better performance from the previous day’s game where she allowed 4 goals on 23 shots against Finland in a shutout loss. Without playing any official games this season, she seems to have secured the starter’s position on Team Japan, way to go Eri! The men were lucklustre in their 1-4 loss to Slovakia on their opening game of the tournament.

    And finally, the newly formed Tohoku Free Blades is going to ice a team for the first time in the next few weeks. First an exhibition match (three 15 minute periods) against the Nikko IceBucks of the Asia League on the Bucks’ fan appreciation day on 11am 28 February at the Nikko Kirifuri Arena. This event will cost 1000 yen and it will be a good measure to see if the team can be competitive in the Asia League. The Blades will also be making an appearance (normal rules) against western Japan amateur powerhouse Surpass Kagawa at 8pm 6 March in Miki City, Kagawa Surpass Sports Center Arena. Let’s hope this helps Blades pass the muster to enter the Asia League, as the uncertain future of Seibu means that a new Japanese team in the league will be a much needed infusion.

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    Quarterfinals set for 2008 Worlds

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 14日 Wednesday

    The quarterfinals for the 2008 World Championship in Halifax and Quebec City has been set. With the disappointing performance (combined with the ineligible German player controversy) sent Slovakia down to a relegation series against Slovenia, which it won (France, with Huet being the difference maker, won the other relegation battle against Italy.)

    Quarterfinals on 14 May are:

    Czech Republic – Sweden

    Norway – Canada

    Russia – Switzerland

    USA – Finland

    The CZE-SWE and RUS-FIN matches will be great clashes of titans, and the Swiss are always strong and can easily give the talented Russian squad a run for its money. Canada has the easiest draw, but the team only won 2-1 over Norway thanks to a last minute Nash goal, so we’ll see if Grotnes can pull off the supergoalie gig yet again. 

    Some great quotes from the Norwegians  🙂

    Even getting this far is an amazing triumph for the Norwegian national hockey program, which operates on an annual budget of less than $1-million. Heatley alone operates on an annual budget 10 times that.

    It is a team that boasts a former NHL player, 32-year-old Anders Myrvold, who last played for the Detroit Red Wings in 2004, and a collection of European professionals, semi-pros and amateurs.

    But they have, Myrvold said, a secret weapon.

    “We have Viking blood,” he said. “You know Viking blood? It doesn’t exist in Canada.”

    The players are salesmen and teachers – one for kindergarten – but mostly they are in building trades, carpenters like Grotnes, electricians and plumbers.

    “If you need anything, just give us a call,” Myrvold said with a laugh. “You can’t call the Canadian team. All they can do is play hockey.”


    Surprisingly, attendance has been disappointing, especially in Halifax where all Canada games have been held so far.

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    Finnish hockey

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 11日 Sunday

    Finland’s SM-Liiga (top league) ice rinks are neither international size (60m x 30m) or NHL size (200′ x 85′, about 61m x 26m): 

    Blues: 28 x 58 m
    HIFK: 28 x 60 m
    HPK: 30 x 58 m
    Ilves: 28 x 60 m
    Jokerit: 30 x 60 m
    JYP: 28 x 60 m
    Kärpät: 29.5 x 60 m
    Lukko: 29 x 59 m
    Pelicans: 28 x 58 m
    SaiPa: 28.5 x 60 m
    Tappara: 28 x 60 m
    TPS: 30 x 58 m
    Ässät: 28 x 58 m

    Maybe these sizes are more ideal if you feel that NHL rinks are too small but international rinks are too big. It’s interesting how much they vary, teams can be built to suit their home rinks, neat (NHL rinks are all the same now, boring). The Finnish federation’s rules specify that rinks must be 56-61 m in length and 26-30 m in width. Perhaps a happy middleground is in Finland! 🙂

    And maybe this also explains how Finland seems to have always played a grittier, more physical style before other European nations.

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    IIHF Uniform Watch

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 10日 Saturday

    The great, the good, and the ugly

    Canada, of course, in a money grub move have new sweaters for this IIHF 100th anniversary tournament they’re hosting at home. Other teams all have the same Nike template uniforms, which are all boring except for a couple of them. Luckily, all teams wore throwback jerseys from various eras, and they were mostly good.

    Read the rest of this entry »

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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 April 6日 Sunday


    同名の映画から生まれたフィンランドのロックバンド、レニングラード・カウボーイズが、ロシア赤軍合唱団と一緒に、とってもアメリカーンなLynyrd Skynyrd のSweet Home Alabama をロシアで演奏! 

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