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    アイスバックスがMickey Gilchrist選手を獲得

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 September 2日 Tuesday

    アジアリーグの日光アイスバックスが、2008年AIHL (オーストラリア・アイスホッケー・リーグ)で圧倒的破壊力を見せて、たったの15試合出場で30G+37A=37P (1試合4ポイント強!)を獲得してポイント王になったオタワ出身のMickey Gilchrist 選手と契約をした模様です。久しぶりの外国籍選手です。まだ公式発表されていませんが、なかなか面白い獲得です。資金難のバックスはいつも他のチームが探していないところで選手を発掘していますので、またまた注目選手が出てきました。ビザ関係でチーム合流に遅れなければ、9月前半のSEIBUプリンスラビッツとのプレシーズン・マッチで拝見できそうですね。しかしアジアリーグよりレベルの低いであろうオーストラリアリーグ、ホームページについてはとても充実しているみたいです、是非ALに見習ってほしい(^^;

    追記:Gilchrist 選手、今年までアメリカの大学Division III の学校でプレーしていて、毎年ポイントランキングでチームの1位か2位でした

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    Asia League 2008-09 (tentative)

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 July 17日 Thursday

    Still no official announcement yet but some details are trickling out about the upcoming Asia League Ice Hockey season (from International Hockey Forums). *My thoughts in italics.


    Per a top official from one the teams in the league, the following changes and schedules will apply the the 2008-09 Asia League season:

    1) This season and next, the China Sharks will be allowed to have a total of seven import players. As for the Korean teams the limit will be four imports until 2011.

    *Additionally, Sharks are supposed to have moved their team from Beijing to Shanghai. Hopefully they’ve found a permanent home now as they’ve been a rogue team changing hometowns every season (and consequently getting no local support or attendance, coupled with bad/lack of marketing probably). No word on the number of imports for Japanese teams, but they’ll probably remain the same with 2 per team, except for Nikko IceBucks who were allowed to ice 3-4 imports last season but were unable to afford them.

    2) Pre-season: A Total of 5 teams will participate (Halla, High1, Sharks, Cranes, Oji)

    *This is probably in reference to the preseason Anyang Cup which was held last season for the first time and AL wants to make it an annual tournament. Seoul’s Yonsei University also participated in the tournament last season and fared well (tying or playing a 1 goal game against an AL team last season). China Sharks replace SEIBU PrinceRabbits in the tournament this year, it seems.

    3) Shootout: Starting this season, there will be a shootout after overtime if the game is still tied. Three players from each team will shoot. If nothing is decided, next goal would be a winning goal. If nothing is decided after the 7th shooter, the same player can take the shot until the winning goal is scored

    With the introduction of the shootout, the regular-season point system also has been changed.

    New Point Format: W (3 point) L (0) OTW (2) OTL(1) SOW (2) SOL (1)
    Old point Format: W (3 point) L (0) OTW (2) OTL (1)

    *Though they’re exciting, I saw nothing wrong with having ties during the regular season. I mean if the teams couldn’t decide on a winner through regulation and overtime, then a tie is well deserved. But then again eliminating ties makes all games worth 3 points, and I guess that’s fair, since the 3 point win wasn’t brought into the AL to encourage scoring (the games already feature lots of scoring, unlike when soccer introduced the 3 point win).

    4) Playoff Format: Until last season, 6 teams out of 7 made the playoffs. Starting this season, five teams will make the playoffs. For the 1st Round, 4th vs 5th seeded team will play a best-of-three series. The 1st,2nd ,3rd seeded teams get a bye.

    For the second round, 1st seeded team plays the mini-series winner, and the second and third seeded teams play each other. It will be a best-of-seven series format.

    The finals, for the first time, will also be a best-of-seven series.

    *I like this change. It makes getting into the playoffs more difficult in this small 7 team league. And there is still value in finishing in the top 3, especially 1st as they get a bye and get to play a series worn 4th or 5th seed. Wonder if the Bucks and the Sharks will have a fighting chance for the last playoff position.

    5) There will be a total of 36 regular season games per club during the 2008-2009 regular season, up from 30 games last season.

    *Great improvement! The league has been reducing the number of regular season games (probably for cost cutting reasons). But this had been really hurting the only truly professional club in the league, Nikko, because the Bucks rely on gate receipts as their primary income, whereas other teams are sponsored by corporations/government. Plus hopefully I’ll get to catch more games live with this change.

    6) The pre-season starts Sept. 4th~7th for the clubs. The regular season runs Sept. 27 to Jan 25.

    7) The playoffs will start on Feb 19, ending no later than March 24.

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    JIHF Press Release: Seibu wins 2008 All Japan Ice Hockey Championship

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 February 13日 Wednesday

    The 75th edition of the All Japan Ice Hockey Championship final tournament was held in Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan from 4 – 10 February, 2008.

    In the final, Seibu beat the Nippon Paper Cranes 5-3 to win its first All Japan Championship since 2004 when the team was still called Kokudo.

    Oji Paper won the bronze medal game 4-1 over the Nikko.


    Final standings:

    Gold: Seibu Prince Rabbits

    Silver: Nippon Paper Cranes

    Bronze: Oji Ice Hockey Club

    4th: HC Nikko IceBucks

    Tournament MVP: Obara Daisuke (Seibu Prince Rabbits)


    (The All Japan Championship is an open tournament, similar to the FA Cup, with regional qualifiers for club teams, university teams, and high school teams. Asia League teams, the elite teams in Japan by far, enter the tournament in the quarterfinals.)


    In the quarterfinals, AL teams won all their games, as expected, but Waseda University put up a valiant effort against the Cranes who have not been playing like a defending treble winner (2007 AL Regular Season, Playoffs, and All Japan Championships), Waseda only lost by 1 goal with the final score being 3-2 in favour of the Cranes. Other quarterfinal results were Nikko IceBucks 7 – 2 Toyo University, Oji Paper 10 – 0 Chuo University, Seibu Prince Rabbits 12 – 0 Toyota Centuries (Hokkaido club team).

    http://www.jihf.or.jp/jihf/data/schedule.php?id=127 (Tournament results in Japanese)

    Original article (Japanese):


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