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    U20 世界選手権

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 January 6日 Tuesday

    カナダではWorld Juniors の愛称で知られているアイスホッケーU20 世界選手権、今正にカナダ対スウェーデンの決勝が始まりました。このサイトから生中継のストリーミングが見れます、直リンクの一つはここ

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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 18日 Sunday

    16日の準決勝では、ロシアが4-0とフィンランドに快勝して、カナダは2ピリ終了時点でLundqvist を攻略してゴーリー交代させての5-4勝ち。17日に行われたスカンジナビア対決の銅メダル戦は4-0でフィンランドが制してめでたくメダル獲得。そして今日行われる決勝は、IIHF 100周年記念大会で、ホッケー発祥の地カナダでの初開催に最も相応しい、ホッケー界を常にリードしてきた両雄のライバル対決、カナダ対ロシアが実現しました。実はこの2大国の決勝というのは、92年の五輪以来なんですよね、なんか意外。でもソ連崩壊後、ロシアンホッケーは長年迷走していたという事もありますし。ついでに、IIHF が発表した、国際ホッケー史上のオールスターチームの発表(グレツキーとSalming 以外はソ連勢)と、IIHF 100周年記念のトップストーリーの発表もありました(80年五輪で学生からなる米代表がソ連を下した試合でした、#2-100にも結構面白い記事があります)。ちなみに決勝は18日の日本時間26時からです。

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    IIHF Top 100 Stories of the Century

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 18日 Sunday

    Ahead of the Centennial Ice Hockey World Championship final to be played later today, the 1980 Miracle on Ice was announced as the #1 story on their international hockey stories of the century list.

    The win didn’t change the landscape of the game right away. It was a shocking and unexpected victory, but more importantly, it inspired a generation of American kids to play the game. When USA won its next important international event, the 1996 World Cup of Hockey, almost every player on that team pointed to the Miracle on Ice game as their inspiration for wanting to play hockey.

    In time, the win also assured the international community that America would be part of the top nations. In the 1976 Canada Cup, for instance, the roster was a who’s who of minor leaguers and collegians. Soon after 1980, that never happened again. 

    This game was and remains the greatest moment in international hockey because of its impact at the time and its continued impact over time. For 20 college players to defeat a team that trained year round and won virtually every game it played before and after truly is, in a sporting sense, a miracle. There is no other word for it. 

    That this miracle became something lasting and enduring makes it all the more significant. The greater miracle is that it took a nation with nothing more than a mild interest in the game and made it into a world powerhouse that can today beat any other great nation on any given day. There have been greater teams which have accomplished greater feats over greater periods of time in international hockey, but there is only one game, one team, one moment, that can truly be called a miracle. And nothing can outclass a miracle. Nothing.

    And the IIHF also announced the Centennial All-Star Team. The list is Soviet heavy with Tretiak, Fetisov, Salming, Kharlamov, Makarov, and Gretzky. Methinks the voters were weighed towards Europeans, but then again this is an All-Star team for international hockey, and the Soviets dominated international play, so maybe it’s right. It’s interesting that Gretzky’s contributions in the Canada Cup is counted considering it was not an IIHF sanctioned event. But then again, IIHF was not obtuse enough to ignore the great impact the Summit Series and the Canada Cups had on international hockey, even if they were not officially sanctioned events.

    The six members of the All-Star Team are:

    Goaltender: Vladislav Tretiak (Russia)
    First Defenceman: Vyacheslav Fetisov (Russia)
    Second Defenceman: Borje Salming (Sweden)
    First Winger: Valeri Kharlamov (Russia)
    Second Winger: Sergei Makarov (Russia)
    Centre: Wayne Gretzky (Canada)

    The panel comprised 56 ice hockey experts from 16 countries representing a balance between North American and European countries, and included people who have worked in the game for an extended period and whose opinions are universally respected. One of the 56 votes represented the collective opinion of the staff of The Hockey News.

    Tretiak received 30 votes, Fetisov 54, Salming 17, Kharlamov 21, Makarov 18, and Gretzky 38.

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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 16日 Friday












    ロシアーフィンランドは因縁対決。ロシアのオフェンスとスーパーゴーリーのNabokov がどこまでキャプテンのSaku Koivu とベテランスナイパーSelanne のいるフィンランドを圧倒できるかが見物。そしてホームで絶好調のカナダが確かに有利なんですが、スウェーデンはゴーリーがオリンピック優勝の英雄でNYレンジャーズの絶対的守護神Lundqvist なので、何が起こるかわかりません。世界選手権では87年のスウェーデン大会以来、開催国が優勝できないというジンクスが20年以上も続いています、果たしてカナダはこのジンクスを破る事が出来るのか?!カナダーロシアの因縁対決の決勝が濃厚ですが…試合はやってみるまで分かりません。


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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 14日 Wednesday

    スロバキアが(ドイツの違法選手使用問題もありながら)期待を遥かに下回るプレーをして降格争いを戦う羽目になった(でもスロベニアに2連勝で無事トップディビジョン残留、フランスもNHLゴーリーHuet のお陰でイタリアを下し残留)事以外は、ノルウェーの健闘と3試合延長負けしたベラルーシの活躍がホッケー小国から目だったグループリーグでした。スイスは結構固いですね、意外とロシア相手に接戦を演じる可能性も(ビッグ8入りの最有力候補はスイスですからね)。

    5/14 の準々決勝





    チェコ戦とアメリカ戦はトップ国同士の戦いとなり、上でも書いた通りロシアースイスも面白い試合になりえる。一番楽に見えるのがカナダだが、実はグループリーグは2-1の接戦だった。またノルウェーのゴーリーGrotnes が神掛かったら、ミラクルもありえるかも?!



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    Quarterfinals set for 2008 Worlds

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 14日 Wednesday

    The quarterfinals for the 2008 World Championship in Halifax and Quebec City has been set. With the disappointing performance (combined with the ineligible German player controversy) sent Slovakia down to a relegation series against Slovenia, which it won (France, with Huet being the difference maker, won the other relegation battle against Italy.)

    Quarterfinals on 14 May are:

    Czech Republic – Sweden

    Norway – Canada

    Russia – Switzerland

    USA – Finland

    The CZE-SWE and RUS-FIN matches will be great clashes of titans, and the Swiss are always strong and can easily give the talented Russian squad a run for its money. Canada has the easiest draw, but the team only won 2-1 over Norway thanks to a last minute Nash goal, so we’ll see if Grotnes can pull off the supergoalie gig yet again. 

    Some great quotes from the Norwegians  🙂

    Even getting this far is an amazing triumph for the Norwegian national hockey program, which operates on an annual budget of less than $1-million. Heatley alone operates on an annual budget 10 times that.

    It is a team that boasts a former NHL player, 32-year-old Anders Myrvold, who last played for the Detroit Red Wings in 2004, and a collection of European professionals, semi-pros and amateurs.

    But they have, Myrvold said, a secret weapon.

    “We have Viking blood,” he said. “You know Viking blood? It doesn’t exist in Canada.”

    The players are salesmen and teachers – one for kindergarten – but mostly they are in building trades, carpenters like Grotnes, electricians and plumbers.

    “If you need anything, just give us a call,” Myrvold said with a laugh. “You can’t call the Canadian team. All they can do is play hockey.”


    Surprisingly, attendance has been disappointing, especially in Halifax where all Canada games have been held so far.

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    IIHF Uniform Watch

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 10日 Saturday

    The great, the good, and the ugly

    Canada, of course, in a money grub move have new sweaters for this IIHF 100th anniversary tournament they’re hosting at home. Other teams all have the same Nike template uniforms, which are all boring except for a couple of them. Luckily, all teams wore throwback jerseys from various eras, and they were mostly good.

    Read the rest of this entry »

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    Swedish Murray UberTap

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 9日 Friday

    When browsing through the latest news from the IIHF World Championships, this caption caught my eye “Sweden, here with Douglas Murray, steamrolls Denmark with Kasper Degn. Photo: IIHF/HHoF/Matthew Manor” since there’s an older player with the same name who’s probably Canadian born and naturalized German playing in Germany.

    Turns out he’s pretty much all Swedish, but his father’s family immigrated to Sweden from Scotland in the 1730’s(!) now that’s old school.

    Plus, him and his friends invented the UberTap while in college to speed up beer pouring at keg parties, how cool is that.

    UberTap is a system that uses a foot pump to extract the liquid gold, and three spouts to fill the glasses.

    Imagine that. Three glasses being filled simultaneously.

    To borrow phrase sudsy connoisseurs know — brilliant.

    “It took too long to get beer in college. It’s about five times as fast to fill up,” Murray said. “Since I’ve been in the NHL, I haven’t been involved as much, my partner is running it. When I was in the minors, there was more time.”

    So much for the thought Murray was just another hulking defenceman.

    Actually, that tidbit is just the tip of the iceberg with him.

    He’s actually Swedish — his father’s family came from Scotland in the 1730s, so that explains the Anglicized names. His brothers are named Ted, Charles and his sister is Roseanna.

    “All my relatives and cousins have Swedish names, but my parents wanted their kids to have English names, which is different when you live back in Sweden,” Murray said.

    “But when you live over here, nobody believes you’re Swedish.”

    Murray left home to play junior and high school hockey in New York state, living with relatives on Long Island, because he figured it would be a fun experience for one year.

    Instead of returning home, he received a scholarship at Cornell, and became a two-time first-team all-American and team captain. He’s also rung the bell at the New York Mercantile Exchange in the summer of 2006.

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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 9日 Friday

    大波乱のグループラウンドが終了しました。ノルウェーが4-2でドイツに勝った事により、なんとノルウェーが第2ラウンドに勝ち点4を持ち越す事になり、準々決勝出場の可能性がかなり増えました。そして、世界トップ7の一国であるスロバキアがグループ4位になってしまい(ドイツの選手の一人 Jason Holland がドイツリーグでのプレーが一年足りず実は代表でプレーする資格をまだ所有していなかった事件も起き)、スロバキアがトップディビジョンへ昇格したばかりのスロベニアと降格争いをするハメに、まあ楽勝するでしょうけど。

    第2ラウンドには第1ラウンドの16チーム中12チームが進出します、第1ラウンドで戦った相手との勝ち点は持ち越して。そして、なんと、もう一つの第2ラウンドのグループはロシアの上に無敗のスイスが1位に座っています。これもまたサプライズ。初めてカナダで開催されているIIHF (国際アイスホッケー連盟)100周年記念の世界選手権、面白い事になってます(チームカナダも2010バンクーバー五輪を見据えてのチーム選考なので、強い選手が揃ってる)。

    そして、NHL のプレーオフが準決勝まで進んだ事によって、いろんなチームに強力な選手が補強されました。フィンランドにはキャプテンのSaku Koivu (モントリオール)、正ゴーリーが怪我してしまったロシアにはシャークスからNabokov 、そしてスウェーデンにはNYレンジャーズの守護神Lundqvist 、ベラルーシにはKostitsyn 兄弟(モントリオール)がそれぞれ追加されました。これで、これらのチーム第2ラウンドで確実にパワーアップしました。




    Group A

    Sweden 2 Switzerland 4 (1-2, 0-0, 1-2)

    France 1 Belarus 3 (1-1, 0-1, 0-1)

    Group C

    Finland 3 Slovakia 2 (2-2, 1-0, 0-0)

    Norway 3 Germany 2 (0-1, 1-1, 2-0)

    Group A

    # Team W OTW OTL L PTS GF-GA
    1 Switzerland 3 0 0 0 9 10-4
    2 Sweden 2 0 0 1 6 17-9
    3 Belarus 1 0 0 2 3 9-9
    4 France 0 0 0 3 0 2-16

    Group C

    # Team W OTW OTL L PTS GF-GA
    1 Finland 2 1 0 0 8 11-6
    2 Norway 1 0 1 1 4 6-10
    3 Germany 1 0 0 2 3 7-10
    4 Slovakia 1 0 0 2 3 9-8

    Teams in RED are heading down to Relegation Round

    Relegation Battle(降格シリーズ、2戦先勝)
    France VS. Italy
    Slovakia VS. Slovenia

    Standings starting out the Qualfying Round(第2ラウンド開始時の勝ち点表)

    Group E

    # Team W OTW OTL L PTS GF-GA
    1 Switzerland 2 0 0 0 6 6-3
    2 Russia 1 1 0 0 5 9-5
    3 Czech Republic 1 0 1 0 4 9-7
    4 Sweden 1 0 0 1 3 8-9
    5 Belarus 0 0 0 2 0 6-8
    6 Denmark 0 0 0 2 0 3-9


    Group F

    # Team W OTW OTL L PTS GF-GA
    1 Canada 2 0 0 0 6 12-4
    2 Finland 1 1 0 0 5 8-3
    3 Norway 1 0 1 0 4 5-5
    4 USA 1 0 0 1 3 8-5
    5 Germany 0 0 0 2 0 5-8
    6 Latvia 0 0 0 2 0 0-11


    Day 7 Games (第2ラウンド初日)
    Group E
    Sweden VS. Denmark
    Switzerland VS. Czech Republic

    Group F
    Canada VS. Norway
    USA VS. Germany


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    Halifax Forum

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 May 8日 Thursday

    Great IIHF article on one of the older arenas in Canada that normally stays out of the limelight (this time too, as it is a practice facility). The Kitchener Memorial Auditorium was an awesome barn, with about 6000 capacity, when I saw a game there last year. They’re adding a couple of thousand seats to the arena though, so I wonder how the new Aud will feel. The games head into the 2nd round and relegation series after the games today. A doozy of good looking games on schedule today (Sweden-Switzerland, Finland-Slovakia, Belarus-France, Norway-Germany). 

    HALIFAX – The voice behind “cannonading drive” started here, and the Voyageurs thrived in this gem of a barn that now is the practice facility for the IIHF World Championship in Halifax.

    The hallways are concrete and the seats made of wood. The smell of ice and Zamboni fumes hit you the moment you walk into the time machine known as the Forum. Built in 1927, it was the first arena with artificial ice east of Montreal. Today, it is a busy remnant of bygone days, a veritable active museum of sorts.

    When it opened officially on December 21, 1927, the Forum was packed to the rafters. Some 5,500 fans can squeeze in for big games, and over the years there have been many. The roof is almost flat and made of wood. Large tarps hang just below the ceiling to catch dust and dirt. 

    Steel beams near the ice create obstructed views for some fans, but the most remarkable thing about watching a game here is the sound. From every seat in the house you can hear players talk on the bench, officials howl “icing!” and players holler “yep” as they look for a pass. You are not just watching a game here—you are part of the game.

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