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    Strawberry Cones Returns

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 April 11日 Saturday

    This is part four in our Japanese pizza series (I’ve missed many opportunities in the mean time, I know) – see the left side panel.

    Strawberry Cones is having some kind of an anniversary, so they’ve come up with the Pizza Anniversary topped with shrimp, squid, two types of sausage, onions, parsley, and pizza sauce (they didn’t opt for any of the funky sauces, like mayonnaise based ones). But man, seafood and sausage and parsley, mmmmkay.


    This pizza is available until the end of May, so get your order in quick if you don’t want to miss out!


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    Japanese pizza, winter 09

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 February 20日 Friday

    Strawberry Cones pizza chain has done it again! This flyer just came into my mailbox yesterday. This time, their Napoli no Kama (Napolitan Oven) store has come up with a dandy of a pizza(?). It’s a snow/spider crab pizza with grape tomatoes, spinach, black peppers, and quiche sauce(?). This picture doesn’t make things any clearer  😛


    Then there’s this strawberry dessert pizza with 


    Strawberry sauce and whipped cream, mmm…? (Though those strawberry/fruit sandwiches are alright, so this may be ok, but I somehow don’t think the salty pizza dough’s not gonna match the strawberries and cream, kinda like those meal crepes like ham and cheese or chili.. yeah, not a good combination there either.)

    EDIT: Well well, Strawberry Cones Pizza has opened up shop in a Vancouver suburb!

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    Japanese Pizza

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 January 31日 Thursday

    Since my comment on the Japanese Sushi Police entry at East Windup Chronicle triggered this post about Korean Pizza, I thought I’d write something about Japanese pizzas.

    Yes, yes, there are already plenty of websites and blogs out there tracking the bizarreness of Japanese pizzas, but this can be an endlessly watched topic due to specialty pizzas that are created new for each season (like many other industry in Japan). Tuna, corn, and potatoes on mayonnaise based sauce is probably already familiar to many who have experienced Japan and Asia. But wait, there is more!

    Without further ado, here are some recent offerings.

    Pizza Hut’s new thing for the winter is the “ebi-mayo crust” which is a sausage roll like crust (that in itself is not unusual, I think) filled with shrimp and mayonnaise instead of sausage. The shrimp-mayonnaise combination is popular here, and is a staple in many pizza delivery chains, and also appears in many other dishes. To top it off, the featured pizza here is the “mochi-pote-mentaiko pizza” which would be pounded sticky rice pieces (it’s actually tteok, the Korean wave continues), potatoes, and spicy fish roe all on the same pizza, along with the shrimp-mayo crust if you like.

    Pizza Hut Ebi-Mayo

    There’s a delivery chain called Strawberry Cones Pizza. If that’s not enough, they offer a kalbi pizza, that’s Korean style short ribs. Many chains offered kalbi pizzas last year, but I don’t see it as much this year.

    Strawberry Cones Pizza

    Strawberry Cones Kalbi Pizza

    This is eerily verging on “oh look at how weird Japan is” post, so I’ll just conclude that fusion/localized food can be good, some combinations and modifications are better than others. After all American pizza is a bastardization of the Italian original, and so is ramen noodles when compared to Chinese noodle soup.

    Woohoo, my first non-sports post (^^

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