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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 October 31日 Saturday































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    Asia League Update

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 July 4日 Saturday

    Asia League Ice Hockey office has announced the tentative 2009-10 season schedule (pending Tohoku Free Blades approval into the league in the September general counsel, which seems backwards). The Blades basically take the place of the now defunct Seibu Prince Rabbits, and the league will operate just like last year with 4 Japanese teams, 2 Korean teams, and 1 Chinese team as a 7 team league. The teams will play 6 games against each other for a 36 game regular season that opens on 19 September in Korea and Hokkaido.

    Due to (cost cutting? and) to avoid clashing with the Vancouver Olympics, the playoffs have been shortened from 2008-09 and will only feature 4 teams playing two rounds of best of 5 series to determine the champion (last season included a best of 3 play-in round between 4th and 5th place teams, then best of 7 series).

    The expansion Tohoku Free Blades will open the season against the defending champion Nippon Paper Cranes in Kushiro. And the Greater Tokyo area will host a few games as the four Japanese teams will play doubleheaders in Shin-Yokohama on 14-15 November, in Sapporo on 19-20 December, and in Nishi-Tokyo (Higashifushimi) on 6-7 February.

    The Tohoku Free Blades will play half its home games at the Tohoku hockey hotbed of Hachinohe, Aomori, and will play the rest of the games in various cities around Tohoku including Koriyama, Fukushima.

    In addition to the officially announced player transfers, China Sharks have acquired tall scoring pest Joel Prpic (Seibu 35GP 43P 174PIM, he managed to score and draw a penalty simultaneously twice in one game I went to see) and Bin Ishioka (Seibu 36GP 8G+10A=18P). Though this alone won’t keep the Sharks up with the newly powerful Bucks, it is a step in the right direction (Prpic is a Japan/Asia vet that knows the league well with a long and successful career, and Ishioka won’t count as an import because Japan/Korea/China nationals do not count against imports in this league). (Thanks Martin!)

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    Aiko Uemura married!

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 June 14日 Sunday

    Japanese moguls queen Aiko Uemura has tied the knot with alpine skiier Kentaro Minagawa! Good luck on the marriage and Vancouver 2010!



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    Justin Morneau the hockey interview

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 April 27日 Monday

    Puck Prospectus has a fluffy interview with Minnesota Twin and Canadian Justin Morneau about hockey. Morneau was once a backup goalie on a major junior team before fully commiting himself to baseball (good choice).

    DL: Do you come across many hockey fans playing Major League Baseball?

    JM: There are quite a few, but it’s mostly the Canadian guys. I’ll talk hockey with [Jason] Bay or [Matt] Stairs, and there are some guys from the Michigan and Minnesota areas that know the game, and what‘s going on. I try to convert as many guys as I can into becoming hockey fans.

    While the American players get busy with fantasy football as the baseball season draws to a close, Canucks will talk hockey anywhere any time.

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    Leon Boyd, the Dutch-Canuck Blue Jay

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 March 29日 Sunday

    A couple of interesting posts from the Canadutch blog of Leon Boyd, the Dutch-Canadian pitcher who was the closer for the both Dutch wins over the Dominican Republic in the 2009 WBC. One about the daily routine in the Toronto Blue Jays camp in Dunedin, Florida, and another with a collection of links and photos to interesting articles about his Dutch exploits.

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    Team Japan for Vancouver 2010 Final Qualifying

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 January 23日 Friday

    Team Japan was announced on 15 January for the final round of qualifying for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Japan is in a very tough group against Austria, Slovenia, and hosts Germany. The games will take place 5-8 February in Hannover. The winner of the group will qualify for the Vancouver Olympics. Japan is essentially going into this round of qualifying with the exact same team that won the first round of qualifying in Poland last November. The team will hold camp in Italy from 27 Jan – 2 Feb before heading over to Hannover. You can see each player’s individual stats in the 2008-09 Asia League.

    GK Haruna (35) Oji Eagles    
    GK Ishikawa (27) Nippon Paper Cranes
    GK Kikuchi (33) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    DF J. Tonosaki (25) Nippon Paper Cranes
    DF Miyauchi (36) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    DF Osawa (30) Nippon Paper Cranes
    DF R. Kawai (24) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    DF Minami (23) Oji Eagles
    DF Yamashita (21) Oji Eagles
    DF Keller (33) Oji Eagles
    FW Domeki (25) Oji Eagles
    FW Kon (30) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    FW Kamino (29) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    FW Ogawa (26) Oji Eagles
    FW G. Tanaka (25) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    FW Obara (27) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    FW Iimura (27) Nippon Paper Cranes
    FW T. Suzuki (33) Seibu Prince Rabbits
    FW Ta. Saito (27) Oji Eagles
    FW Mitani (35) Nippon Paper Cranes
    FW Te. Saito (25) Oji Eagles
    FW Nishiwaki (26) Nippon Paper Cranes
    FW S. Sato (25) Seibu Prince Rabbits

    IIHF World Rankings:

    Germany (10), Slovenia (15), Austria (16), Japan (22)

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    Olympic qualifier Japan national teams announced

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 October 27日 Monday

    Japan Ice Hockey Federation has announced the national teams for the upcoming Vancouver Olympics qualifying tournament on 6-9 November. The men’s team will train in Germany from 29 Oct, and will enter Poland on 3 Nov for the tournament against Great Britain, Romania, and the hosts Poland. The women’s team will play in Shanghai against Norway, the Czech Republic, and China.

    Men’s team.


    Masahito Haruna (35) Oji Eagles

    Hisashi Ishikawa (27) Nippon Paper Cranes

    Naoya Kikuchi (33) Seibu Prince Rabbits



    Jun Tonosaki (24) Cranes

    Fumitaka Miyauchi (35) Seibu

    Hideyuki Osawa (29) Cranes

    Ryuichi Kawai (24) Seibu

    Ryota Minami (22) Oji

    Takafumi Yamashita (20) Oji

    Aaron Keller (33) Oji




    Katsuya Ogawa (23) Oji

    Masato Domeki (24) Oji

    Yosuke Kon (30) Seibu

    Toru Kamino (29) Seibu

    Masafumi Ogawa (24) Oji

    Go Tanaka (24) Seibu

    Daisuke Obara (27) Seibu

    Takahito Suzuki (33) Seibu

    Takeshi Saito (27) Oji

    Darcy Mitani (34) Cranes

    Kei Tonosaki (26) Oji

    Tetsuya Saito (24) Oji

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