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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 May 18日 Monday


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    Lotte Fit’s dance contest

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 April 24日 Friday

    Lotte the confectionary company is holding a dance contest on YouTube as part of its Fit’s gum campaign. Here are the original Lotte commercials which hooks you in even if it’s annoying.

    And here’s a real neat contest entry by high school girls (google hits here they come  😛 )


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    Posted by japanstats on 2009 January 27日 Tuesday

    2009 NHL オールスター戦@モントリオールは、11-11の末シュートアウトで決定しました。カナディエンズのAlexei Kovalev がシュートを決めて、凄い盛り上がったシュートアウトの模様です。2009 モントリオールは、名門Canadiens 100周年と重なり、いまだかつてない盛り上がりを見せたオールスターだったみたいです。マスコミブロガーのオールスターの写真集、なかなか見ごたえがあります

    日曜日にロシアのKazan で、KHL で初めてゴーリーがゴールを決めました。Metallurg Magnitogorsk のIlya Proskurayakov がAk Bars Kazan 相手に6人攻撃されてる時に見事に決めました。 


    おまけにケベック・シティで行われた2009 Red Bull Crashed Ice、フィンランドのArttu Pihlainen 選手の連覇(なはず)。

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    Riccardo Patrese & his wife

    Posted by japanstats on 2009 January 8日 Thursday

    Former F1 driver Riccardo Patrese takes his wife out for a lap in a Honda Civic Type R at the Jerez Circuit.

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    Leafs absurdity

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 April 15日 Tuesday

    … and on the other end of the hockey economic spectrum we have the, it’s been over 40 years since their last Cup, Toronto Maple Leafs.

    I echo the second comment on this mirtle blog entry, as if the gigantic hockey economy of GTA cannot support another NHL franchise because the area is populated only with Leaf fans, willing to literally pay through the nose for some atrocious hockey, and no one else. MLSE is doing a mighty fine job retaining their monopoly on their ginormous hockey market.

    But when I tried to explain to the locals just how unaffordable tickets in Toronto were, I couldn’t quite do it justice. You can say “$400 a seat” all you want, but that doesn’t take into account the licence fees and everything else that corporate tickets holders pony up at the Air Canada Centre.

    Which is why it’s a good thing Rick Westhead gives us a glimpse at just what people are paying for Maple Leafs tickets (as part of a story on shady ticket-selling deals going down at the parent company):

    “He (the MLSE sales employee) wanted to meet at the Fifth Wheel Truck Stop on the 401 in Milton,” Tanguay said. “I met him, gave him the envelope with the cash, and a cheque for $65,000 and had him sign the invoice indicating the cash was part of the deal, too.”

    Besides $40,000 to cover the cost of the personal-seat licence, which gave him the right to buy tickets from MLSE, Tanguay agreed to pay $25,000 for the Leafs and Raptors tickets themselves.
    Now, what our friend here is buying is two season’s tickets to the Leafs and Raptors in the lower bowl.

    In addition to $40,000 up front for the licence, another $25,000 per season pays for a grand total of two tickets to 82 games (41 for each team), which works out to about $160 a seat. It’s safe to assume the Leafs tickets would be worth considerably more than the Raptors, likely in the range of $230+ apiece.

    And our buyer was desperately waiting on a list somewhere to shell that money out (not to mention the part about meeting at a truck stop with $5,000 cash).

    These are not the best seats in the house by any means: The red section is behind one net, from the halfway point of the lower bowl on up.


    Ah well, at least the Leafs are featured in one promising silly thing. Mike Myers + Jessica Alba + Justin Timberlake + Toronto Maple Leafs = ?

    Well, Love Guru may or may not be funny, but this sure is:

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    Posted by japanstats on 2008 January 11日 Friday


    ヒルマン新監督の現ロイヤルズ外野手Joey Gathright 選手、なんと駐車場で車飛びをしてたとこをタンパのスカウトに発見されて入団したというエピソードの持ち主だそうです。一体どういう現場だったのか?(笑)

    ちなみに2002年のGathright 車越え映像です。


    Joey Gathright on top

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