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  • Archive for July 31st, 2008

    2008.7.31 プロ野球の守備・投手チーム成績

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 July 31日 Thursday


    セリーグ (DER と FIP については左のリンクを参照して下さい):

    首位を独走している阪神ですが、特に守備効率が良い訳ではないので、圧倒的な投手力が大きな要因と言えるでしょう(あとリーグ出塁率トップ5のうち3人が赤星、金本、新井、そして10位に鳥谷がいるという、繋がる打線も大きいですね)。ここ一ヶ月好調を維持していて、中日を抜き2位に躍り出た巨人ですが、守備効率はいくらか改善されたものの相変わらずリーグ最下位、でもFIP は中日と共にリーグ2位タイ、そしてもちろん打線には爆発力があるので、本領発揮してきたのでしょう。先月と比べてもFIP は大して変わらないのに、防御率が大分下がったので、守備と運が良くなったみたいですね。


    日ハムが相変わらずダントツの守備効率を見せていて(7割超は12球団中ファイターズだけ)、そのお陰でFIP はリーグワーストなのに、リーグ1位の防御率を誇っています。西武は守備効率もFIP もリーグ平均程度なので、やはり首位をキープできているのは打線と足のお陰ですね。ここでイマイチ分からないのが最下位の楽天、リーグ1位のFIP、そして守備効率も悪くない上よく打てる打線なのに最下位。まあ、大勝はできるけど、僅差のリードを守れず接戦を競い負ける事が多いって事なのでしょう。ブルペンさえ良くなれば、上も狙えるチームだと思いますが。

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    2008.7.31 NPB Defensive Team Stats

    Posted by japanstats on 2008 July 31日 Thursday

    NPB is heading into a 4 day All Star break, and with my lack on interest in All Star games in general (this year’s MLB edition not withstanding), let’s look at team pitching and defense numbers for NPB clubs at this 2/3 point in the season. The All Star games are late this season, immediately precedes the start of the training camp for the Japanese Olympic team, so maybe this was planned specially for this year’s schedule.

    Here’s the Central League numbers (mainly focusing on DER and FIP):

    Hanshin Tigers defensive numbers are about league average in terms of DER, but they have excellent pitching leading the league in both FIP and ERA, a well deserved 1st place in the CL. Now 2nd place Giants have come on strong lately behind their continued solid pitching (and their defense seems to have improved with the gap between FIP and ERA closing and DER improving, even if they’re still last in the league). The Dragons tailspin doesn’t seem to be caused by their pitching or defense which is about the same as the last time we looked at these stats last month, but the rising ERA indicates they’ve been unluckier over the last month.

    And now the Pacific League numbers:

    Nippon Ham Fighters continue to punch above their weight with excellent pitching and defense with their DER at an astounding .716, far beyond any other team in NPB. The Seibu Lions have about league average pitching and defense, so you know that their 1st place standings is attributed to their slugging and running games. The Eagles are an enigma, as they have decent pitching and defense (best FIP, average ERA and DER) and can pound the ball, but is last place in the league.

    My mind’t not fully functional at the moment, so this is it for today.

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